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Dear Julie Dawson

Re : My request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, Ref : 46720.

I regret your decision not to provide me with any information in response to my FOI request of 18 February or review of 23 March 2015.

Your suggestion of 1 April 2015 to conduct an appeal within a maximum of 40 working days and treat details of the original request as a new FOI request within 20 days is unacceptable.

I would remind the Trust it has had, in real terms, since 2012 to clear-up a number of anomalies which have remained to this day and which has made the FOI request necessary.

I am sorry the Trust still will not say in what capacity it’s paid employee was a Panel member on a Cornwall Homechoice Welfare Priority Assessment Panel on 16 October 2012, other than to say he “is a support worker, and although he is employed by the Trust he was not acting in an NHS capacity whilst he was a Panel member”, unquote.

It is this latter statement by the Trust which led to FOI request Ref : 46720, and in the public interest.

I would also remind the Trust that it closed my 2013 formal NHS complaint against the Trust paid employee for the latter reason and because Cornwall Council advised the Trust to close it by way of a cover-up.

This despite written Council references to the Trust paid employee being a Community Psychiatric Nurse, Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, and signing himself as the Mental Health Team Representative on 16 October 2012.

I am also sorry the Trust will not explain why it failed to provide a Mental Health Representative/Professional on 16 October and 27 November 2012, as it was required to do and in accordance with Cornwall Council Policy 23.2, for the benefit of applicants with mental illness, and will not say how many times the Trust has failed to provide a Mental Health Representative on these Panels to the detriment of applicants with mental illness.

I will now lodge a further FOI request and lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner.

Do you not think it more honest to clear up these issues once and for all and allow me closure and to finally move on from the death of my wife in 2013. Continuing to cover-up something which is already in the public domain and is a matter of public interest serves only to demonstrate the Trust really does have something to hide.

Yours sincerely


Geoff McLaughlin



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When asked via Freedom of Information how many times the Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust had failed to provide a Mental Health Representative on a Cornwall Homechoice Welfare Priority Assessment Panel since 2009, the NHS Trust said the cost involved in collating this information would exceed the ‘appropriate limit’ as defined by the FOI so the Trust is not obliged to comply with the request for information.

Perhaps the most revealing and disturbing thing about statements like this from the Trust is the fact the Trust itself does not want to know how many times it has failed and abused the mentally ill and the vulnerable.

I have now requested a Review.




Blog posted 04 March 2016


At 14:55 hours on 03 December 2015, 3 Police Officers from Devon & Cornwall Police visited my address and arrested me for Harassment with Violence regarding a complaint from 2 employees of the Cornwall Foundation Trust who I had never met or tried to contact in any way, shape or form outside of replying to one of the complainants regarding the law being broken with regard to the Freedom of Information Act.

The harassment charges related to comments I had made on social media indirectly and by way of free speech, and for showing pictures of them.

I immediately challenged the provocative “violence” remark after being cautioned because not even the complainants had used the term.

2 Sergeants insisted in following me upstairs for me to get ready because I had not been “risk assessed”. Arresting Sergeant 16259 Dowlen was keen to see what I was doing on my computer before I shut it down and observed I had just finished listing Barbie Dolls on eBay. Dolls which belonged to my late wife.

Arresting Sergeant Dowlen refused to let me change into a clean tee shirt, refused to let me change into a pair of trousers with a zip and refused to let me have a pee until we got to Newquay Police Station on the opposite coast.

We arrived at Newquay Police station around 15:35 where I was processed before being locked up. Because my track suit bottoms had a cord I was made to wear an undersized pair of disposable paper trousers weighing some 75g with all the indignity that went with them.

A chartered legal executive from Coodes in Newquay was contacted at 16:17, later than when requested, and who I met at 17:02 for a consultation prior to recorded interview. I did not admit to harassment and offered a defence of extreme provication.

Following the interview which was conducted by Sergeant Dowlen on his own the Sergeant wanted a word in private with the legal executive and I was returned to my cell.

Later I was visited in my cell by Coodes legal executive Stephanie Allen and a police officer. The executive said if I would agree to harassment the police would give me a caution only. Feeling I had spent long enough locked up and I had at least got my version of events on record I agreed to the offer. Some hours later I was finally let out of the cell a little before 21 hours and was charged with harassment and bailed to attend Bodmin Magistrates Court on 17 December 2015. That I had been tricked into giving a false confession.

I also asked for something to eat later using the cell intercom and despite it being acknowledged by an officer I was not given anything and had to wait until I got home around 21:30, some 6 1/2 hours after being arrested. This despite an entry in Risk Assessment stating I may have type 2 Diabetes.

Upon my release the custody Sergeant 15428 Wray gave me written instructions to contact Coodes Solicitors as soon as possible regarding representation in Court on 17 December.

The trial on 17 December had to be adjourned because the case had wrongly been allocated to the anticipated guilty plea court.

I was excused attending court on 8 January 2016, and the Prosecution offered me a Restraining Order on acquittal the day before the hearing which I rejected.

Prior to the trial at Bodmin Magistrates Court on 26 February Coodes Solicitors did a complete U-turn in defence of my case having reduced my evidence from 36 pieces to only 2 pieces without explanation and so perverted the course of justice, Coodes advised me in writing I had no prospect of winning and that I should accept the Restraining Order. Feeling I no longer had any legal representation I could trust I reluctantly accepted the Restraining Order in court on 26 February with both hands tied. That I promised not to do what I consider I never did. Although Coodes attempted to get £300 to £400 out of me towards Legal Aid, in contradiction to its earlier advice, this was quickly waived when I suggested I might just as well go to trial.

Background : In 2012 I was unlawfully arrested by Devon & Cornwall Police again on the trumped up charge of harassment to protect criminality by Cornwall Council and Sanctuary Housing, and which involved me being intimidated, and “oppressed” in recorded interview according to the duty solicitor who was present. D&CP investigated my complaint and did a whitewash and a cover-up. The IPCC spent some 15 months investigating my complaint and reprimanded 2 Sergeants and 2 PCs. The IPCC failed to investigate or resolve more serious allegations and failed to determine if the Officers were ordered to do what they did or were bribed. That despite it losing me in excess of £5000 I received no compensation.

The Superintendent who accepted the Investigating Officer’s internal whitewash of an investigation and advised me in 2013 that he would be reprimanding 2 PCs only was then Superintendent Jim Colwell. It remains unknown if his comment “I have to stress that my decision is based solely on the evidence that was available”, unquote, was an apology for the whitewash and in anticipation of the Investigating Officer and the desk Sergeant later also being reprimanded by the IPCC. Perhaps Superintendent Colwell was responsible for my unlawful arrest ? One of the problems when Devon & Cornwall Police and the IPCC failed to explain why the 4 Officers did what they did.

To this day I am still refused a copy of the written complaint against me.

When I was arrested in December 2015 Devon & Cornwall Police was fully aware of the events in 2012 and was fully aware I did not need to be “risk assessed”. That the reason for my arrest in 2015 related to my allegations on social media against Cornwall Council, again, and the NHS Foundation Trust. That they had jointly engaged in rigging Homechoice Welfare Priority Assessments which abused and discriminated against the mentally ill and the vulnerable. My late wife Alison being one of many victims and who herself died some 8 months after being Assessed more than once and who was awarded “Low Priority”.

It remains unknown how many hundreds or thousands of mentally ill and vulnerable applicants have been abused and cheated out of the level of priority they should have received by these rigged Welfare Assessments. When asked the NHS Trust would only say that the cost of collating the information would be too expensive.

D&CP had its own reasons for wanting blogs removed from the internet about my unlawful arrest in 2012 and did not therefore treat me with any degree of impartiality on or before my arrest on 03 December 2015. At no time after my arrest in 2012 or 2015 did Devon & Cornwall Police investigate any evidence to substantiate my innocence or the guilt of those who led to my arrests.

That despite Crime Commissioner Tony Hogg, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary, the Ministry of Justice, Rt. Hon Jeremy Hunt MP Secretary of State for Health, the IPCC, PHSO, LGO, CQC, Steve Double MP, BBC Panorama, numerous national newspapers and others being warned that Devon & Cornwall Police could not be trusted to deal with me again it happened and my rights were again abused and I was denied justice.





Blog posted 02 December 2015

“Inspectors praise Cornwall’s mental health services”

Those of us who remember that headline with some disbelief earlier this year will remember that Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust was praised by the so called “independent” Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspectors.

That according to the 69-strong team of CQC inspectors the Trust is providing services which are safe, effective, caring, responsive and well led.

In reply Trust CEO Phillip Confue said “The inspectors are independent to the Trust and their assessment is totally impartial. This is tremendous recognition for our staff and also reassuring for patients and their families”.

With the above in mind, I had reason to write to CEO Phillip Confue on 26 November 2015 regarding the Trust’s continuing cover-up with Cornwall Council regarding rigged Cornwall Homechoice Welfare Priority Assessments which have abused and discriminated against the mentally ill and the vulnerable since 2012.

That the Trust had also recently broken the Law not to answer a Freedom of Information request about the Assessments and in the public interest.

As it is customary for me to copy others into such correspondence a copy was also sent the the CQC, amongst others.

I received a reply from the CQC on 30 November 2015 from a National Customer Services Centre Administrator, who began “Dear Geoffery”, not a great start, then proceeded to give me an enquiry reference.

Requesting further information she explained this information was needed to “make sure the service is compliant with our standards and, where necessary, take action if it is felt that the service is putting someone at risk or someone is in danger of abuse”.

In reply I reminded the CQC I had already had an enquiry reference and that the CQC was complicit. That the CQC knew there was a problem as far back as June 2014, when it promised it had passed the information on to its then Compliance Inspector for the location. Clearly not the case because the Inspector never contacted me.

That the CQC had been advised in writing of the details surrounding rigged Homechoice Welfare Assessments which had abused my late mentally ill wife, and others, and that the Trust and Cornwall Council had callously neglected her up until she died the following year because they were pre-occupied with protecting only each other. That hundreds if not thousands of mentally ill and vulnerable adults had been willfuly abused and cheated by the Trust and Cornwall Council.

Whilst I accept the CQC is “independent” of the Trust I do not accept the CQC is “independent” of bad Government. No more than other so called “independent public advocates” like the LGO, PHSO, and the IPCC who have all been corrupted to protect bad Government bodies from incompetence, corruption and the true damaging extent of austerity.



Blog posted 01 March 2016

                                            JUSTICE FOR ALISON

On 20 January 2016 the Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CFT) promised me in writing it would be taking civil legal proceedings against me if I continued to expose the CFT involvement in alleged rigged Homechoice Welfare Priority Assessments conducted by Cornwall Council.

Assessments which resulted in at least 2 Executive Directors of the Trust Board of Directors, the CEO and Deputy CEO involving themselves in a cover-up involving  hundreds if not thousands of mentally ill and vulnerable victims and which also involved then Principal Legal Officer with Cornwall Council willfuly misleading the Local Government Ombudsman to win an official complaint.

In December 2015 I was arrested in connection with the above and despite a wealth of evidence against the Trust and Cornwall Council resulted in nothing being resolved, and which involved a corrupt Devon & Cornwall Police Force which had its own reasons for wanting me found guilty and which related to my unlawful arrest in 2012 when 2 Sergeants and 2 Police constables with D&C Police were reprimanded following an IPCC investigation.

This website has been set up to address the above issues and is dedicated to my late wife Alison who was but one of many victims of rigged Welfare Priority Assessments by Cornwall Council and the Trust. Despite being mentally ill for over 30 years and who’s health was deteriorating in 2012 when she was Assessed more than once she was awarded Low Priority and died some 8 months later.