Blog posted 01 March 2016

                                            JUSTICE FOR ALISON

On 20 January 2016 the Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust promised me in writing it would be taking civil proceedings against me if I continued to expose the Trust’s involvement in rigged Homechoice Welfare Priority Assessments conducted by Cornwall Council.

Assessments which resulted in at least 2 Executive Directors of the Trust Board of Directors, CEO Phillip Confue and Deputy CEO Julie Dawson, involving themselves in a cover-up upon hundreds, possibly thousands, of mentally ill and vulnerable victims and which involved then Principal Legal Officer Simon JR Mansell MBE with Cornwall Council willfuly misleading the Local Government Ombudsman to win an official complaint.

Apart from the other members of the Trust Board of Directors remaining complicit other senior members of the Trust involved in the cover-up were Julie Smales, Patient Advice and Liaison Officer, and Janet Hart, Head of Patient Experience, amongst others.

In December 2015 I was arrested in connection with the above and despite a wealth of evidence against the Trust and Cornwall Council resulted in nothing being resolved, and which involved a corrupt Devon & Cornwall Police Force which had its own reasons for wanting me found guilty and which related to my unlawful arrest in 2012 when 2 Sergeants and 2 Police constables with D&C Police were reprimanded following an IPCC investigation.

This website has been set up to address the above issues and is dedicated to my late wife Alison who was but one of many victims of rigged Welfare Priority Assessments by Cornwall Council and the Trust. Despite being mentally ill for over 30 years and who’s health was deteriorating in 2012 when she was Assessed more than once she was awarded Low Priority and died some 8 months later.



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