Blog posted 02 December 2015

“Inspectors praise Cornwall’s mental health services”

Those of us who remember that headline with some disbelief earlier this year will remember that Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust was praised by the so called “independent” Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspectors.

That according to the 69-strong team of CQC inspectors the Trust is providing services which are safe, effective, caring, responsive and well led.

In reply Trust CEO Phillip Confue said “The inspectors are independent to the Trust and their assessment is totally impartial. This is tremendous recognition for our staff and also reassuring for patients and their families”.

With the above in mind, I had reason to write to CEO Phillip Confue on 26 November 2015 regarding the Trust’s continuing cover-up with Cornwall Council regarding rigged Cornwall Homechoice Welfare Priority Assessments which have abused and discriminated against the mentally ill and the vulnerable since 2012.

That the Trust had also recently broken the Law not to answer a Freedom of Information request about the Assessments and in the public interest.

As it is customary for me to copy others into such correspondence a copy was also sent the the CQC, amongst others.

I received a reply from the CQC on 30 November 2015 from a National Customer Services Centre Administrator, who began “Dear Geoffery”, not a great start, then proceeded to give me an enquiry reference.

Requesting further information she explained this information was needed to “make sure the service is compliant with our standards and, where necessary, take action if it is felt that the service is putting someone at risk or someone is in danger of abuse”.

In reply I reminded the CQC I had already had an enquiry reference and that the CQC was complicit. That the CQC knew there was a problem as far back as June 2014, when it promised it had passed the information on to its then Compliance Inspector for the location. Clearly not the case because the Inspector never contacted me.

That the CQC had been advised in writing of the details surrounding rigged Homechoice Welfare Assessments which had abused my late mentally ill wife, and others, and that the Trust and Cornwall Council had callously neglected her up until she died the following year because they were pre-occupied with protecting only each other. That hundreds if not thousands of mentally ill and vulnerable adults had been willfuly abused and cheated by the Trust and Cornwall Council.

Whilst I accept the CQC is “independent” of the Trust I do not accept the CQC is “independent” of bad Government. No more than other so called “independent public advocates” like the LGO, PHSO, and the IPCC who have all been corrupted to protect bad Government bodies from incompetence, corruption and the true damaging extent of austerity.


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