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Dear Julie Dawson

Re : My request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, Ref : 46720.

I regret your decision not to provide me with any information in response to my FOI request of 18 February or review of 23 March 2015.

Your suggestion of 1 April 2015 to conduct an appeal within a maximum of 40 working days and treat details of the original request as a new FOI request within 20 days is unacceptable.

I would remind the Trust it has had, in real terms, since 2012 to clear-up a number of anomalies which have remained to this day and which has made the FOI request necessary.

I am sorry the Trust still will not say in what capacity it’s paid employee was a Panel member on a Cornwall Homechoice Welfare Priority Assessment Panel on 16 October 2012, other than to say he “is a support worker, and although he is employed by the Trust he was not acting in an NHS capacity whilst he was a Panel member”, unquote.

It is this latter statement by the Trust which led to FOI request Ref : 46720, and in the public interest.

I would also remind the Trust that it closed my 2013 formal NHS complaint against the Trust paid employee for the latter reason and because Cornwall Council advised the Trust to close it by way of a cover-up.

This despite written Council references to the Trust paid employee being a Community Psychiatric Nurse, Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, and signing himself as the Mental Health Team Representative on 16 October 2012.

I am also sorry the Trust will not explain why it failed to provide a Mental Health Representative/Professional on 16 October and 27 November 2012, as it was required to do and in accordance with Cornwall Council Policy 23.2, for the benefit of applicants with mental illness, and will not say how many times the Trust has failed to provide a Mental Health Representative on these Panels to the detriment of applicants with mental illness.

I will now lodge a further FOI request and lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner.

Do you not think it more honest to clear up these issues once and for all and allow me closure and to finally move on from the death of my wife in 2013. Continuing to cover-up something which is already in the public domain and is a matter of public interest serves only to demonstrate the Trust really does have something to hide.

Yours sincerely


Geoff McLaughlin


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