Blog entered 23 January 2015

The following is an amended blog due to my arrest in December 2015 to stop me continuing to expose rigged Homechoice Welfare Priority Assessments by Cornwall Council and the Cornwall Foundation Trust which abuse and cheat the mentally ill and the vulnerable. One victim being my late wife who died some 8 months after being unlawfully abused, cheated and neglected.

                           DEFAMATION OR INTIMIDATION ?

The following reply was sent to Cornwall Council’s Simon JR Mansell MBE, on 22 January 2015, in reply to his decision not to provide me with the name of the individual/s who authorized a ‘Letter of Defamation’ be sent to me by Cornwall Council. The request was made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

The purpose of repeating the reply here is so as to name 4 more Council employees I allege have been willfuly rigging Cornwall Homechoice Welfare Priority Assessments, and which also includes a Representative of the NHS Trust.

If the Council’s threat of Defamation for naming only 2 Council employees was serious and was not simply an attempt to intimidate me into not naming them on the internet, then naming all 7 everyday should guarantee I will be served papers for Defamation. Each posting will be numbered.


Dear Simon JR Mansell MBE

Request for an internal Review under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

I regret your decision not to disclose the name/s of the officer who authorised/actioned the letter of Defamation to me dated 26 September 2014.

Your view that you have “reviewed the case as an independent reviewer” and agree with the original unsigned response, is rejected because the FOI request sought to establish if you were the officer who authorized/actioned the letter of 26 September 2014, for the sole purposes of intimidating me into complying with the letter of Defamation. (*) see below

This based on the fact that ex-Cornwall Council Social Worker Tony Grainger and Cornwall Council Homechoice Representative Rachel Lytham have continued to be named on the internet for their roles in rigged Homechoice Welfare Priority Assessments, without penalty.

That Cornwall Council’s reasons for not going through with it’s threat of Defamation is because Cornwall Council has no grounds to take me to court and no stomach for scrutiny.

To prove my point I propose to name all the Cornwall Council employees involved in rigged Homechoice Welfare Priority Assessments on the internet every day to establish once and for all if Cornwall Council’s letter of 26 September 2014 was solely to intimidate.

I therefore accuse Jon Warner, Housing Needs Manager, Angela White, Housing Team OT, Clemence Lincoln-Williams, OT, Sarah Hill, OT, of being party to rigged Homechoice Welfare Priority Assessments.

The Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Panel member described as a CPN, a lie by the Council and covered-up by the Trust for 2 years, cannot be named for legal reasons.

The list is not complete because it does not include all those who are complicit, such as yourself Mr Mansell.

Geoff McLaughlin


(*) According to arresting and interview Sgt Innes Dowlen with Devon & Cornwall Police in recorded interview on 03 December 2015, Cornwall Council had no intention of taking me to court for Defamation because there was no money to be had from me. That the threat of Defamation was intended solely to intimidate/harass me into not naming it’s corrupt employees further. Reference to this on recorded interview was edited and removed.

The then Council’s Principal Legal Officer Simon JR Mansell MBE willfuly misled the Local Government Ombudsman, who investigated the issue, into believing the NHS employee on the Welfare Panel was a CPN when the employee was only a support worker and not suitably qualified to be a Panel member. To this day neither the Council or the Trust will explain in what capacity the NHS employee was a Panel member. The Police did not investigate this evidence.

The original blog of the above was posted on social media some 650 times and the Council had a problem resolving it. Criminal legal action was taken against me in late 2015 by the Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust for Cornwall Council with every biased and corrupt assistance from Devon & Cornwall Police to protect criminality by the Council and the Trust but which served only to make matters worse.

My legal representation provided by Coodes Solicitors covered by Legal Aid was a travesty and an abuse of public funds and denied me my right to a fair trial by perverting the course of justice in removing most of the evidence in my defence and engaging in some very dubious practices. If Coodes had defended me, it’s client, as well as it protected the Council, the Trust and Devon & Cornwall Police, the continuing abuse and discrimination to the mentally ill and the vulnerable in Cornwall would have been exposed and stopped once and for all.


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