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Blog posted 30 May 2016

                            PERVERTING THE COURSE OF JUSTICE

When Coodes Solicitors advised me, it’s client, that it may play some of the recorded interview by Devon & Cornwall Police in Court in my defence, then later buried most of the incriminating evidence I had against Cornwall Council and the Cornwall Foundation Trust, then advised me I had no prospect of winning, I believe Coodes Solicitors did so to protect the Council and the Trust, and also to protect Devon & Cornwall Police because Coodes realized the recorded interview had been edited.




Blog posted 22 May 2016


                      A VERY CORNISH CONSPIRACY

In terms of protecting Cornwall Council, the Cornwall NHS Foundation Trust and Devon & Cornwall Police – Coodes Solicitors did exactly what was expected of them.

In terms of Coodes Solicitors protecting and defending it’s client, myself, from allegations involving joint criminality by the Council and the Trust and assisted by a corrupt Devon & Cornwall Police, it was perhaps inevitable that I would lose.

In terms of the greatest losers this will continue to be the mentally ill and the vulnerable who will continue to be abused and cheated by those willfuly blind and complicit organisations named above and who will continue to declare they help the mentally ill and the vulnerable.

Footnote : “A Very Cornish Conspiracy” is the title of a much larger and more detailed work presently in preparation for publication later this year. The following is a brief extract :

“I still find it remarkable that (X) cannot remember where or when the pictures of him were taken months earlier or that Sgt Dowlen did not recognize (X) or acknowledge he was himself present when the pictures of (X) were taken or when Sgt Dowlen showed me one of the pictures of (X) in recorded interview as evidence against me. What made (X) even more memorable was the fact ….”, unquote. 

(X) cannot be named for legal reasons and PS 16259 Dowlen was not only the arresting officer but also conducted the recorded interview on 03 December 2015, which was edited/tampered with. Sgt Dowlen was also party to a Coodes duty solicitor obtaining a false confession in cell 9. Both (X) and Sgt Dowlen were pictured together on 21 May 2015 when they both attended the final ‘detoxification’ of an unlawful and covert toxic community created by Cornwall Council and Sanctuary Housing and which relied upon Homechoice bidders being unlawfully deceived.




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Blog posted 20 May 2016



In response to a 15 page written complaint to the Solicitors Regulation Authority involving no less than 7 dodgy and corrupt solicitors based in Cornwall, the SRA has decided to sit on the fence and “not to take any further action at this time”. That “from the information you have provided, we do not consider that there is evidence of breaches of our rules to investigate the matter”. That because you were a client of Coodes LLP you may wish to contact The Legal Ombudsman.

About the SRA, “We are an independent organisation set up to protect the public and set standards of professional behaviour for solicitors and others we regulate”.

Based on the comprehensive information and evidence the SRA was sent, and offer to provide it with any further evidence it may require, this so called “independent” public advocate is just as perverse and willfuly blind as all the other so called public advocates I have dealt with and that in reality they only protect corrupt professionals and questionable behaviour before the public interest.

More to follow.



Picture shows the newly elected Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez.

Blog posted 11 May 2016

                            A CONFLICT OF INTEREST

The following is in reply to Devon & Cornwall Police having a conflict of interest investigating new Tory Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez.

D&CP had a conflict of interest when it arrested me in 2015 because 4 Officers were reprimanded by the IPCC following my unlawful arrest in 2012, but the IPCC failed to determine if the 4 Officers were ordered or bribed to do what they did during it’s 15 month investigation.

My arrest in 2015 was in response to me exposing corruption by Cornwall Council and the NHS Foundation Trust on the internet, and I requested an outside Police Force deal with my arrest in 2015 to then Commissioner Tony Hogg and others but it did not happen.

Then Superintendent Jim Colwell, now Chief Superintendent, was responsible for the leniency shown to 2 PCs following an internal whitewash by D&CP in 2012/13. The IPCC added 2 Sergeants to the list which included the Sergeant who produced the whitewash on which Colwell based his decision. The IPCC will eventually deal with my latest complaint once D&CP have completed another internal whitewash.