Picture shows the newly elected Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez.

Blog posted 11 May 2016

                            A CONFLICT OF INTEREST

The following is in reply to Devon & Cornwall Police having a conflict of interest investigating new Tory Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez.

D&CP had a conflict of interest when it arrested me in 2015 because 4 Officers were reprimanded by the IPCC following my unlawful arrest in 2012, but the IPCC failed to determine if the 4 Officers were ordered or bribed to do what they did during it’s 15 month investigation.

My arrest in 2015 was in response to me exposing corruption by Cornwall Council and the NHS Foundation Trust on the internet, and I requested an outside Police Force deal with my arrest in 2015 to then Commissioner Tony Hogg and others but it did not happen.

Then Superintendent Jim Colwell, now Chief Superintendent, was responsible for the leniency shown to 2 PCs following an internal whitewash by D&CP in 2012/13. The IPCC added 2 Sergeants to the list which included the Sergeant who produced the whitewash on which Colwell based his decision. The IPCC will eventually deal with my latest complaint once D&CP have completed another internal whitewash.


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