What Good Is A Defence Team Which Protects The Other Side ?


Blog posted 08 June 2016

     What Good Is A Defence Team Which Protects The Other Side ?

“Because of the events in 2012 I think it unlikely I will ever get justice in Cornwall or be treated with any degree of impartiality when the main criminal element is Cornwall Council and its criminality is protected by a no less corrupt Devon & Cornwall Police. That my recent arrest and intimidation by Devon & Cornwall Police is again already proving to be a travesty of justice and which we, Coodes and myself, should be discussing before things go any further”, unquote.

I stated this in writing to Coodes Solicitors on 29 December 2015 but my obvious concerns were not discussed.

During a telephone conversation in mid January 2016 with Coodes Solicitors I suggested contacting the Legal Aid Board to dismiss Coodes.

Coodes immediately became more pro-active in my defence but which also involved them in lying, dirty tricks and dumping most of the evidence in my defence. I will forever regret not dismissing Coodes Solicitors when I should have.



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