Coodes Solicitors dodgy sae



Picture shows a scan of the sae from Coodes Solicitors showing the postcode which does not exist.

Blog posted 23 June 2016

                                            Coodes Solicitors dodgy sae

The following is a further brief extract from a work in progress titled “A Very Cornish Conspiracy” and deals with only part of Coodes Solicitors role in it.

Although I was Coodes client and Coodes was paid by Legal Aid to represent me I allege Coodes Solicitors did in fact do quite the opposite and protected criminality by Cornwall Council, the Cornwall Foundation NHS Trust and assisted a corrupt Devon & Cornwall Police.

I quote – “A few days after the meeting I received an 11 sided statement titled “Proof” and each page face needed to be signed and dated.  The only “Proof” included with the statement was just 2 pieces from my original 36 pieces of evidence/proof in my defence of ‘extreme provication’ against the allegations.

The cover letter which accompanied the prepared statement instructed me to “Please read through this carefully, feeling free to make any alterations or additions that you consider appropriate. If you could then sign it where indicated and return it to us in the prepaid envelope enclosed, we will retain it on file as a record of your instructions to us in this matter”, unquote.

I had a number of problems complying with Coodes instructions.

Firstly I did not like nearly all my evidence/proof being left out of a statement titled “Proof” and certainly not by the same Coodes Duty Solicitor Stephanie Allen who tricked me into giving a false confession in the police cell on 03 December 2015.

Secondly Coodes understood my preference for using Recorded or Special Delivery post only so I could not understand why Coodes would choose now, for the very first time, to provide me with a 2nd Class prepaid envelope for the return of such highly sensitive and personal information mostly about my late wife’s mental disorders over some 30 years including attempted suicides.

I now assume it was Coodes intention at a later date, if necessary, to claim it did not receive or could find the information.

Thirdly I could not understand why the postcode on the prepaid envelope did not exist”, unquote.

In response to my reply to the above, and 10 days before trial, Coodes Solicitors did a complete U-Turn in defence of my case and my innocence and advised me I had no reasonable prospect of success and that I should accept the offer of a Restraining Order.

On the day of the trial Coodes Trial Solicitor Lucy Bryant requested between £300 – £400 towards Legal Aid costs which was then waived when challenged and which she confirmed in writing later that day in stating “all our costs in connection with this matter will be met by the Legal Aid fund and there is nothing for you to be concerned about in that regard”, unquote. I assume this meant that those Coodes had actually protected from scrutiny and defended from damage had expressed their gratitude.

Sadly the mentally ill and the vulnerable will continue to be abused and cheated by the above authorities without scrutiny or challenge.




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