Cornish Based Solicitors Who Should Be Struck Off. Lucy Bryant of Coodes Solicitors.


Blog Posted 22 July 2016

Cornish Based Solicitors Who Should Be Struck Off. Lucy Bryant of Coodes Solicitors

The following will be the first of a series of blogs on Cornish based solicitors who, in my humble opinion, should be struck off for a variety of reasons.

The first recipient is Lucy Bryant who qualified as a solicitor in 1998 and joined Coodes Solicitors in 2001. Lucy works out of the firm’s Newquay office and is a Partner and a member of the firm’s “well respected criminal defence team”.

The most unexplained issue I had with Lucy was when she tried to con me out of between £300 to £400 for Legal Aid, which she advised me I could pay for by installments, shortly before I was due to attend trial. The payment was quickly waived when challenged and Lucy later that day sent me an email stating “We confirm that all our costs in connection with this matter will be met by the Legal Aid fund and there is nothing for you to be concerned about in that regard”, unquote. Which begged the question why she felt it necessary to concern me and put me under duress before trial with something that wasn’t actually true and which would have amounted to fraud had she been successful.

An earlier unexplained issue concerned a telephone conversation I had with Lucy on 15 January 2016 when I expressed my dissatisfaction with how Coodes was representing me and that I was considering contacting the Legal Aid Board to discharge Coodes. I received a letter the following day from Coodes dated 14 January stating Coodes had asked the Court to allow them to have the 2 NHS employee complainants attend the trial and that they may well play some of the recorded interview at trial.

Although I requested some proof from Coodes that they did in fact contact the Court on or before 14 January 2016 regarding the complainants and the recorded interview  I have not received any proof to date. I therefore have no problem alleging the letter dated 14 January 2016 was backdated and was actually written on 15 January and after my telephone conversation with Lucy and that I was knowingly lied to and misled. Further evidence is the fact Lucy made no mention of the alleged pro-active requests to the Court during our telephone conversation on 15 January 2016.

A little known fact is Lucy Bryant is recommended by the “Good Lawyer Guide” as being outstanding and highly recommended for suing people. Give it your best shot Lucy.

One thing I did find remarkable is that Lucy did not know who Simon JR Mansell MBE was in relation to my defence of ‘Extreme Provication’ against the Cornwall Foundation Trust and Cornwall Council. Simon being the then Principal Legal Officer of Cornwall Council and husband of Coodes Solicitor Jackie (Gilbert) Mansell.

Footnote : The recorded interview by Devon & Cornwall Police on 03 December 2015 at Newquay Police Station had been edited/tampered with.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) is fully aware of the above and has found no reason to investigate.


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