Cornish Based Solicitors Who Should Be Struck Off. Jeremy Harvey of Coodes Solicitors.



Blog posted 30 July 2016

Cornish Based Solicitors Who Should Be Struck Off. Jeremy Harvey of Coodes Solicitors.

The following will be the second of a series of blogs on Cornish based solicitors who, in my humble opinion, should be struck off for a variety of reasons.

The second recipient is Jeremy Harvey, Partner, Head of Department (Employment) with Coodes Solicitors. Jeremy is a member of the Cornwall Law Society, The Law Society, the Law Society’s Law Management Section, a Council member of Cornwall Chamber of Commerce, and a past President of the Cornwall Law Society.

I was assigned Jeremy in April 2016 by Newquay based Coodes Solicitor Chris Andrews because he was unable to investigate my complaint against fellow Coodes Solicitors also based at Newquay. These being Stephanie Allen, Lucy Bryant and Mike Gregson with the Crime Department.

Although Jeremy predictably concluded there was no merit in any of my complaints against fellow colleagues and possibly friends, many issues remain unresolved.

One particular issue concerned why my Coodes defence team, Stephanie Allen, Lucy Bryant and Mike Gregson, did not stop one of the complainants, a Cornwall Foundation Trust Solicitor, writing, ranting and threatening me every month whilst I was under caution and later bail not to contact either complainant in any way whatsoever. That in my opinion Coodes Solicitors did not act in my best interest and neglected its Duty of Care to me.

In reply Jeremy stated “I am afraid that this is not part of the work that we do in advising you on the allegations and charges that you faced. That work and advice was publicly funded and we have to work within the scope of that scheme”, unquote.

So there you have it, my Coodes defence team could not stop me being harassed and threatened by a fellow solicitor because there was not enough Legal Aid money to simply write or phone the Trust Solicitor and say your conduct is unprofessional and wrong and you must stop threatening and provoking our client in this way.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) is fully aware of the above and has found no reason to investigate.




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