Reply to Police and Crime Commissioner Hernandez regarding Chief Constable Sawyer.


Blog posted 17 August 2016


Reply to Police and Crime Commissioner Hernandez regarding Chief Constable Sawyer.


The following is a copied and pasted reply sent to the Police and Crime Commissioner’s office, and others, on 16 August 2016 in response to the Commissioner’s reasons why she cannot investigate my complaint of 08 August 2016 against Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer of Devon and Cornwall Police. I quote :


Dear Ms Martin


I refer to you earlier email.


As you know my dissatisfaction with the Chief Constable in 2015 was prior to and separate from the official complaint I lodged with Police and Crime Commissioner Hernandez in August 2016 which was in response to the abuse and unlawful events which happened after my arrest in December 2015 and into 2016.


Had the Chief Constable or Crime Commissioner Hogg, or others, intervened in 2015 when they had an opportunity to prevent matters becoming corrupted again like 2012, resulting in the “conflict of interest” in 2015, the unlawful events leading to my official complaint to the Police and Crime Commissioner on 08 August 2016 could have been avoided.


I would also remind you that it was Chief Constable Sawyer himself who personally directed a corrupt PSD to investigate my complaint against Devon and Cornwall Police lodged with the IPCC in 2016, knowing that it was the very same PSD which had engaged in a whitewash and a cover-up in 2012, when 4 officers were reprimanded by the IPCC but which it failed to determine why the officers did what they did or if more senior officers were involved. Senior Officers who may also have been involved in my unlawful arrest in 2015 and under the responsibility of Chief Constable Sawyer.


Whilst I appreciate the Police and Crime Commissioner would like nothing more than to assist the Chief Constable and Devon and Cornwall Police, and the IPCC, railroad and bury this whole sordid affair, it isn’t going to happen.


I also believe another conflict of interest exists with the new Police and Crime Commissioner feeling obliged to protect her predecessor’s judgement when he ignored my written concerns and which then resulted in even greater abuses and criminality upon me in 2015 into 2016, than was identified in 2012.


I find your email on behalf of Police and Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez a disturbing development and one that serves only to further cover-up corruption and criminality rather than resolve it and in the public interest.


Yours sincerely



Geoff McLaughlin


34 Timber Close, St Austell, Cornwall. PL25 5NZ



Dear Mr McLaughlin,


Thank you for your email to the Police and Crime Commissioner.


Your complaint relating to Chief Constable Sawyer was looked into by this office last December. As per our letter to you dated the 21st December 2015, after an initial scoping exercise there was no evidence to suggest that Chief Constable Sawyer has had any personal involvement or even any personal knowledge of your concerns.


In order to uphold a complaint against a Chief Constable under the police complaints process it is necessary to show that the issue lies with the Chief Constable’s personal conduct not the officers under his direction and control.


You did have the right to appeal the decision of this office to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).  Unfortunately there is no further route of appeal through this office, I understand that you might find this unsatisfactory.


Kind regards


Natalie Martin

Customer Services Officer

Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner



Tel: Internal: 302553

External: 01392 225555


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From: []
Sent: 08 August 2016 11:12
To: Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner; !enquiries
Subject: Re : Complaint against Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer, Devon and Cornwall Police.


My Ref : GRM/OPCC/276/16

By email from :


Dear Crime Commissioner Hernandez

Re : Complaint against the Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer of Devon and Cornwall Police.

You are aware of most of the issues I have with Chief Constable Sawyer by way of emails to the Chief Constable and others which your office has been copied into.

Briefly that Chief Constable Sawyer, on behalf of Devon and Cornwall Police, is continuing to abdicate his responsibilities and his Duty of Care to me and the wider public by denying me an independent and impartial investigation by another police force. That by empowering officers of the same ‘dodgy’ Professional Standards Department (PSD), which actively engaged in a whitewash and a cover-up of my unlawful arrest and treatment in 2012, involving 4 officers being reprimanded by the IPCC, that a ‘Conflict of Interest’ exists.

You should also be aware that I was in contact with your predecessor and others prior to my arrest in 2015, and after, in an attempt to stop Devon and Cornwall Police arresting me and abusing my rights again. That Chief Constable Sawyer must accept full responsibility for the avoidable abuse upon me which followed on and after 03 December 2015 and that he has since knowingly attempted to pervert the course of justice by empowering others to cover it up, reduce and limit the full extent of what has gone on and under his leadership.

I was pleased to read that you care about Civil Rights and Social Action because that is precisely why I was arrested in 2012 and in 2015, and in the public interest, and that I have never been treated as being innocent until proven guilty by Devon and Cornwall Police as the catalogue of incompetence and corruption in 2012 and 2015 demonstrate.

Please let me know where we go from here.

Yours sincerely


Geoff McLaughlin

34 Timber Close, St Austell, Cornwall. PL25 5NZ.


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