The Abuse & Discrimination of the Mentally ill in Cornwall


Blog entered 6 March 2015




When Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust paid a support worker to put his signature against being the “Mental Health Team Representative” on the Cornwall Homechoice Welfare Assessment Panel Form on 16 October 2012, he committed an act of fraud according to the NHS Trust and the Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman, who have both stated the NHS Trust support worker was not acting in an NHS capacity whilst he was a Panel Member.

That when Cornwall Council described the support worker as a “Community Psychiatric Nurse (CPN)” in writing Cornwall Council lied.

That when Rachel Lytham, Cornwall Council Homechoice Representative, stated on the Cornwall Homechoice Welfare Assessment Panel Form for 27 November 2012, “Need information from Mental Health Professional re Mrs McL condition”, unquote, Ms Lytham confirmed the paid NHS Trust support worker was not a Mental Health Professional and was not suitably qualified to be a Panel Member in accordance with Council Policy, or in the interest and wellbeing of applicants with mental illness and mental disorder.

That when Lytham further confirmed in writing on 6 November 2012 that the support worker was a “representative” from the “Mental Health Team” on the 16 October 2012 Welfare Panel, in contradiction to the advice given to the PHSO by the NHS Trust, either Lytham lied on behalf of Cornwall Council or the NHS Trust lied to the PHSO.

Although the PHSO, Mellor’s Mercenaries, had over 6 months to find out in what capacity the NHS Trust paid support worker was a Panel Member on 16 October 2012, willful blindness prevented them doing so, even in the interest of justice and the wellbeing of the mentally ill in Cornwall.

When Lytham further confirmed each member of the Panel on 16 October 2012 had heard the contents of Dr Hereward’s letter in support of my late wife’s application, along with other critical evidence, Lytham was also confirming the NHS Trust paid support worker was not suitably qualified to consider or support Dr Hereward’s letter or recommendations in the best interest and wellbeing of his patient, my late wife, and why no Referral or a Home Visit was arranged despite provision for it on the Panel Forms and despite references to her deteriorating health.

That the Welfare Assessment rigged decision of ‘Low Priority’ was callous, unfair and unjust and which only left my late wife, whose deteriorating health and failures of care and support by the NHS Trust had brought about the Assessments, isolated in her home and without any chance of her having her recognised Carer, myself, caring for her under the same roof up until she died the following year.

Even the criminally perverse LGO implied my late wife did qualify for Medium Priority, despite the LGO applying willful blindness not to acknowledge Council Policies had been abused and abandoned at the Welfare Assessments. This to protect Cornwall Council from a decision of Maladministration.

That Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and Cornwall Council Senior Management and employees have willfuly contributed to the abuse, negligence, suffering and the death of my late wife. The LGO and PHSO have only added insult to injury.

That the PHSO and LGO were only interested in applying absolute discretion to protect eachother, the NHS Trust, and Cornwall Council before the public interest, and relying on the heavy cost of judicial review to protect themselves from the only remaining victim, myself, who relies upon Tax Credits. That Cornwall Council and the Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust continue only to perversely protect each other as they have done ever since the rigged Welfare Assessments in 2012.

The most obvious question none of the above professional parasites have yet answered is this – If the NHS Trust paid support worker was not acting in an NHS capacity whilst he was a Panel Member, in what capacity was he a Panel Member ?  And is the NHS Trust and Cornwall Council not abusing and discriminating against the mentally ill and the vulnerable in not providing a Mental Health Professional on the Welfare Panel ?

Cornwall Council’s professional employees (6) on the 3 Welfare Panels, who I allege were all party to rigged Welfare Assessments, are presently the subject of a blog titled “Defamation or Intimidation” which has been repeated on social media almost 100 times to date. The support worker is included  because it was the Council who advised the NHS Trust to close my NHS complaint against him.

That if Cornwall Council was prepared to take me to court for Defamation for naming just 2 employees on social media it must take me to court for naming all 6 employees in the above blog. Cornwall Council has yet to take any action against me which probably means it’s letter of defamation was intended only to intimidate and, as such, only confirms it’s 6 corrupt employees are as corrupt as I continue to say they are, or more accurately Cornwall Council and the NHS Trust are as corrupt as I say they are.

One way or another I will have my day in court.

Follow-up : In December 2015 I was arrested because of the ‘Defamation or Intimidation’ blog by an NHS Trust solicitor and one other to cover-up and protect Cornwall Council and the Trust. The blog was referred to in recorded interview but was later edited out by the Police. The only evidence shown at the trial was a copy of the ‘Defamation or Intimidation’ blog. I believe the author of the original and unsigned ‘Letter of Defamation’ was the Council’s then Principal Legal Officer and chief bully boy Simon JR Mansell MBE and who I believe orchestrated my unlawful arrest.



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