Cornwall Council – Close your Business and claim Benefits


Blog posted 25 August 2016

Cornwall Council – Close your Business and claim Benefits

When Cornwall Council orchestrated my arrest in late 2015 to cover-up and protect joint criminality by itself and the Cornwall Foundation Trust, the Council also got its corrupt housing partner Sanctuary Housing to make false allegations I owed “Rent Arrears” at the very same time.

During the 8 months which followed the police set me up, edited the recorded interview and withheld information it should have provided me under the Data Protection Act. My defence was organised by the Council/police so I could not win and any incriminating evidence against Cornwall Council, the Trust and Sanctuary Housing was removed.

I twice attended court and ended up with a Restraining Order for 2 years. During this time I was subjected to monthly rants by a Trust solicitor and I was threatened with civil legal proceedings by the Trust, and I was later threatened with Legal Proceedings by Sanctuary Housing for the false and harassing allegation of “Rent Arrears” and I was also threatened with Legal Proceedings within 7 days by Cornwall Council for Council Tax a few days later in June 2016.

The culminating affect of all this led to reduced earnings and to the closure of my business and to me signing on to avoid the Legal Proceedings by the Council within 7 days. Although the Council had an opportunity and discretion to offer me more time to catch up with the 2016 – 2017 Council Tax payments so I could continue to contribute rather than claim benefits the Council opted only to advise me to claim Council Tax Support and Housing Benefit with an application form it sent me. This in the hope it would lead to the closure of my website and blogs which both the Council and Sanctuary have wanted closed since before 2012 when four police officers were reprimanded by the IPCC following my earlier unlawful arrest and which was also orchestrated by Cornwall Council to cover-up and protect criminality involving itself and Sanctuary Housing.

Although I have all the evidence I need to prove harassment by Sanctuary Housing it would mean reporting it to a police force which has already proven itself to be biased and corrupt in protecting only Cornwall Council and its various partners in crime.

The Council’s only response to the above is that I should take it up with the Local Government Ombudsman who I have twice previously dealt with and who I am again reminded of in the following quotation :

The Local Government Ombudsman – “Operate the most perverse and publicly criticized system of administrative justice in the world”, unquote. I couldn’t agree more as would most of those in Parliament if they were honest enough.


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