The email Councillor John Pollard and CEO Kate Kennally will not answer.


Picture shows one of the alter ego images from Simon JR Mansell MBE facebook page when he was the Council’s Principal Legal Officer and before he became the Council’s Corporate and Misinformation Governance Manager. Mansell being the Council’s main henchman and probably the most corrupt, perverse and intimidating officer the Council has to cover-up its more criminal activities. So much so that the Corporate Directors and Cabinet Members will usually be found cowering in his shadow.

Blog posted 29 August 2016

The email Councillor John Pollard and CEO Kate Kennally will not answer.

The following email was sent to Councillor John Pollard and CEO Kate Kennally and all the members of the Cornwall Council Cabinet and 4 Corporate Directors on 22 August 2016.


Dear Councillor John Pollard

The following is in reply to the Council’s email of 16 August which regretfully addressed only selected parts to my email of 11 August 2016.

You say that the Council is able to use its discretion when holding recovery on a council tax account, due to the circumstances I described in my email to the Council on 23 June 2016, and that my account, and therefore Legal Proceedings to recover £680.00 Council Tax for 2016 – 2017 within 7 days, was put on hold.

The problem with the Council’s explanation is that the Council did not advise me it had put my account, and therefore Legal Proceedings, on hold, until it was too late during which I suffered the loss of my employment and my 17 year old business in order to change my circumstances to try and avoid Legal Proceedings being taken against me within 7 days as I was unable to pay the £680.00 in full.

Had the Council offered me more time the amount would have been paid before the end of the 2016-2017 period and I would still be contributing rather than claiming.

The only advice I received from the Council in reply to my original email of 23 June was in the Council’s undeliverable and bogus email dated 29 June 2016, a copy of which I received a month too late. The Council’s only advice being that I should claim Council Tax Support and Housing Benefit, and therefore sign on and close my business, using the application form the Council was sending me and that my Council Tax account had been placed on hold while the application was processed.

You will recall I received a copy of that undeliverable and bogus email from Miriam Laker, Revenues and Technical Officer, on 27 July and which accompanied her overdue reply to a formal complaint I lodged on the Council’s website on 13 July 2016, by which time it was too late to reverse the loss I suffered.

An undeliverable email I claim was bogus because the Council received no delivery failure message from BT on 29 June 2016 despite me receiving a delivery failure message from BT when I tried the erroneous email address, and the Council’s recent decision not to ask BT to investigate and explain the failure. The bogus email was also unlike any layout or format I have ever seen or received from the Council before and I still find it remarkable that Miriam Laker did not simply think I must have overlooked the email and just needed to be reminded of it rather than think I may not have received it in sending me a copy of it.

So what’s it all about ?

I believe all this was part of a campaign of abuse and intimidation upon me by the Council and its partners to cause me as much grief and distress as humanly possible to try and bring about the closure of my business and website which the Council and its various partners have unlawfully attempted to do since 2011.

I offer a very brief summary of the last 8 months, the “cruel irony”, which will explain why I was finding it so difficult to make full Council Tax payments in May and June 2016, and which I believe was orchestrated and coordinated by the Council and involved its partners the Cornwall Foundation Trust and Sanctuary Housing, amongst others.

In November 2015 the police visited my home a number of times and arrested me in December in response to false allegations made against me by a Trust solicitor and an employee of the Trust to cover-up and protect criminality by the Council and the Trust.

Also in November 2015 Sanctuary Housing, my corrupt landlord, began making false representations that I owed “Rent Arrears” and which involved an Escrow account, and which the Council was advised of in writing on 27 June 2016.

The culminating affect of the criminal charges against me by the Trust and 2 court appearances, the threat of Civil Legal Proceedings by the Trust, and 2 further threats of Legal Proceedings by Sanctuary Housing for £189.18 and by Cornwall Council for £680.00 Council Tax within a few days of each other in June 2016 caused me much distress, anxiety, ill health and lost earnings and which was I believe precisely what the 8 month campaign of abuse and intimidation was meant to achieve. All this and much much more for me to deal with within a short time span of 8 months.

I don’t think any reasonable person would doubt my unlawful arrest in 2015 was orchestrated and coordinated by the Council and which involved the same corrupt Devon and Cornwall Police which unlawfully arrested me in 2012, and which then involved the Council’s housing partner Sanctuary Housing, and which resulted in 4 officers being reprimanded by the IPCC but which the IPCC failed to determine why the officers did what they did and if more senior officers were involved.

One further example is the 3rd Anniversary of my wife’s death on the 27 June 2013 and just 4 days after the Council’s threat of Legal Proceedings for £680.00 Council Tax, and the main reason behind my defence of Extreme Provocation in 2015.

You will recall it was my mentally ill wife Alison, whose health was deteriorating and which the Council acknowledged, who the Council and the Trust unlawfully abused, cheated and neglected with its rigged Homechoice Welfare Priority Assessments in 2012 and before she died some 8 months later.

You will also recall that a few hours before she died Sanctuary hand delivered a repossession order as a result of confidential information the Council shared with Sanctuary as to when would be the best time to serve the repossession order involving an earlier Escrow account.

Confidential information because my late wife was neither a tenant of the Council or Sanctuary and that her state of health had nothing to do with my landlord.

A repossession order which resulted in an order to attend Bodmin Magistrates Court a week before Christmas 2013, just like the order to attend Bodmin Magistrates Court a week before Christmas 2015.

The problem with the Council’s campaign of terror, abuse and intimidation upon me and which began in 2011 in response to the “40 days of Hell” blog involving criminality, harassment and ring-fencing by the Council and Sanctuary, is that your corrupt and underhanded methods of dealing with me have never actually ever achieved or resolved anything other than create even greater problems for the Council and its partners to deal with such as the mountain of evidence that now exists following my arrest in 2015. Evidence that will continue to cause much damage, discomfort and embarrassment to all those involved for many years to come.

I propose the Council gets rid of its corrupt and bullying Simon JR Mansell MBE, who I believe is the main orchestrator behind most of the above willful abuse upon me, and make good what it did to my late wife in 2012, and what it has since done to me.

If the Council cannot do this then I think it inevitable that I will continue to engage in free speech and in the public interest, I will again be arrested, I will have my day in court next time and that the Council, its partners and others will be scrutinized and judged accordingly.

Please ensure CEO Kate Kennally receives a copy of this email and please confirm she has received it before this coming weekend.

Yours sincerely


Geoff McLaughlin


The email was replied to within hours by Simon JR Mansell MBE who suggested I take my concerns up with the Local Government Ombudsman, knowing the LGO does not have the jurisdiction to also investigate Sanctuary Housing, the Trust, Devon and Cornwall Police, Coodes Solicitors, and the CPS, who all played a role in perverting the course of justice during the 8 month period referred to in the email.

I received no confirmation by the weekend as to whether or not the Council’s CEO had been provided with a copy of the above email so I will assume the CEO did.

Most of the Corporate Directors and Cabinet Members have been aware for years of the rigged Homechoice Welfare Priority Assessments which unlawfully abuse and cheat the mentally ill and the vulnerable, aided by a very cruel and callous Cornwall NHS Foundation Trust, and the unlawful practice of ring-fencing Homechoice advertised properties without a preference and which abuse and deceive Homechoice bidders and create covert toxic communities. Issues which Mansell is also fully aware and has done his very perverse to cover-up.

Let me be clear, the parasites named below would have had to have been pretty deaf, dumb, blind and stupid not to have known what has gone on and precisely why they are complicit.

Corporate Directors : Kate Kennally, Paul Masters, Trevor Doughty and Cath Robinson. 

Cabinet Members : Councillors John Pollard, Adam Paynter, Jeremy Rowe, Jim McKenna, Andrew Wallis, Geoff Brown, Bert Biscoe, Edwina Hannaford, Julian German, Joyce Duffin.



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