Blog posted 30 August 2016

It is often the case today that the people we are supposed to look up to and respect turn out to be the lowest forms of life imaginable.


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  1. pinkpasty · August 30, 2016

    I have experienced a similar problem of both Cornwall Council & vile homophobic Devon & Cornwall police turning a blind eye to Police homophobia & Devon & Cornwall police covering up of historic child rape.

    I have already been informed by the statutory Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse that as a child rape survivor (of multiple child rape, by multiple persons over multiple years from when I was six years old), I am to be testifying against various organisations & authorities (esp. in Cornwall) for their misfeasance, obfuscation,their perverting the coarse of justice & their failure in duty of care over many years of my raising the abuse I was subjected too, but then subjected to threats, intimidation, bullying, vitimization, assaults, & more to silence me!

    As a gay man & a Child Sex Abuse survivor of multiple child rape…I would no more trust ANY Devon & Cornwall police officer in my home than I would a convicted serial rapist, murderer or drug dealer, so abusive has been my repeated experience of dishonesty, corruption & criminality protected within the Devon & Cornwall police & by their lackey organisations which routinely ignore police criminality, etc. (HMIC, IPCC, Crime Panel, Criminal Justice Board, & Judiciary).

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