How to Deceive and Discriminate against Cornwall Homechoice applicants.



Blog posted 09 September 2016, re-titled and updated.

    How to Deceive and Discriminate against Cornwall Homechoice applicants

In the beginning was the word and the word was lift, “(no lift)” to be more precise. So why did Sanctuary Housing say a flat had “no lift” when there was absolutely no reason to say anything. Much in the same way as saying the flat had no swimming pool or conservatory as though a new tenant might expect it.


This ‘Freudian Slip’ was enough to alert me to the fact that there was something very suspicious about the Cornwall Homechoice property advertised between 02 – 06 July 2016, and without any preferences, as Ref : 23335. A 1 Bed 1st Floor Flat at Timber Close, St Austell, belonging to one of Cornwall Council’s corrupt housing partners Sanctuary Housing and who is also my landlord.


Corrupt because I knew Sanctuary had assisted the Council numerous times in the past to unlawfully ring-fence Homechoice properties for the Council’s certain types and which involved them jointly deceiving Homechoice bidders because the properties were already allocated.

Apart from the inappropriate reference the advertisement showed no photo of the property, as has been the case with every Timber Close property advertised since 2009, and that the map wrongly pinpointed a house in Timber Close which has been the same house for some considerable time. Willfuly misleading information which the Council and Sanctuary have long been aware of as is also the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Not that the ICO, or the LGO for that matter, has shown any willingness to stop these advertised Homechoice abuses continuing once and for all and in the public interest.


I mentioned the advertisement and statement “(no lift)” to Sanctuary in my weekly emails to Simon Clark, Group Director, Housing and Support, and to CEO David Bennett CBE, on 25 July 2016, a pasted copy of which follows :

“25 July 2016, I today confirm the Timber Close 1st Floor Flat advertised on Cornwall Homechoice as Ref : 23335 on 02 July is Flat 44. I find it bizarre that the flat is described as having “(no lift)” when there was absolutely no need to mention it and in keeping with all other previously advertised Homechoice Timber Close Flats without a preference. Time will tell if the stair lift will be dismantled and removed or if one of the Council’s certain types will get the flat due to the unmentioned adaption like Flat 33 which had no wet floor shower room but did. Because the flat has been empty for awhile it will also be interesting to see how long it remains unoccupied and unprepared for the next tenant”.

The stair lift was installed by Tremorvah Industries of Truro on 09 August 2012 and Cornwall Council covered the cost because the then tenant was in receipt of benefits. Tremorvah being a supported workshop and which comes under the umbrella of Cornwall Council.



Cornwall Homechoice property Ref : 23335 then disappeared off the radar so to speak and to date it has not even appeared on the Council’s “Recent Lets” pages and in the public interest.

Another 1 Bed 1st Floor Flat was advertised for Timber Close, St Austell, between 03 – 07 September 2016 as Homechoice Ref : 24008. There was no reference to a “lift” or any references to a preference and the advertisement was pretty normal and in keeping with all the others I have scrutinized over the years.


Normal except for one major difference.

The declared rent for Homechoice property Ref : 23335 was £66.08 with a Service Charge of £2.55, which I as a Timber Close flat tenant can confirm is correct and which was announced in June this year for the July 2016 to July 2017 period.

The declared rent for Homechoice property Ref : 24008 was £88.46 with a Service Charge of £2.55 and which represents a rent increase of £22.38 a week or nearly £90.00 a month, and which I believe is to cover the cost for the undeclared stair lift.

Because the advertisement makes no reference to a stair lift or gives any preference to Homechoice applicants who would benefit from a stair lift, I think it reasonable to allege the flat was willfuly and unlawfully ring-fenced by Sanctuary for the Council and that the Council, to justify the increased cost of the flat upon the Tax payer, will reject every bid by applicants who would not have benefited from the stair lift because Sanctuary and the Council willfuly witheld that information from them and deceived, conned and cheated them which is a criminal offence.


One other thing to consider is that if the cost of the stair lift is less than £22.38 a week then Sanctuary is willfuly profiteering from the Cornish Tax payer and the Council is party to it.

One further consideration is that the Homechoice advertisement also willfuly discriminated against those applicants who would have benefited from a stair lift.

Whilst I have no doubt the eventual tenant will have a physical need for the stair lift the question is did the Council and Sanctuary really need to willfuly break the law and deceive members of the public to achieve it.

I would not accept a mistake was made because Sanctuary was made fully aware in writing in July that the flat had a stair lift and that the Council was fully aware because it had continued paying for the stair lift despite the flat remaining empty since mid June 2016.

The loss of revenue to the Council and Sanctuary Housing based on the September charges would amount to a loss of almost £1,000 to date.

I have recorded bigger losses over the years particularly when Sanctuary Homechoice properties have perversly remained empty for up to 6 months despite a housing waiting list of between 28 to 30,000 applicants and despite the greatest demand being for 1 bed properties.

On a personal note Cornwall Council recently left me with no option but to close my 17 year old business and sign on in response to a threat of legal proceedings within 7 days for £680 for owing less than £200 Council Tax and with some 9 months to catch up. Cornwall Council did not offer me more time but instead sent me an application form to apply for Council Tax Support and Housing Benefit via a bogus email.

That in the Council’s infinite wisdom, Simon JR Mansell MBE to be more precise, I should no longer contribute but should instead claim and let the Cornish Tax payer keep me.

Unsurprisingly perhaps a few days before the Council threatened me with legal proceedings Sanctuary also threatened me with legal proceedings for “Rent Arrears” for just under £200 and which was a false demand. Devon and Cornwall Police will shortly receive my evidence against Sanctuary which the Council was made aware of in July 2016.

Perhaps even more unsurprising is the fact Sanctuary’s false threats began soon after the Council orchestrated unlawful and criminal police action against me in November 2015 to protect and cover-up allegations of criminality involving itself and its partner the Cornwall Foundation Trust regarding rigged Homechoice Welfare Priority Assessments which abused and cheated mentally ill and vulnerable applicants.

Following my arrest in December 2015 even my defence, Coodes Solicitors, was chosen to assist and protect only the Council, the Trust and the Police.

Sounds preposterous ?  I would ask you to consider the following :

Cornwall Council first orchestrated an unlawful arrest against me in 2012 to protect and cover-up criminality involving Sanctuary, itself and others, and which concluded with 2 Sergeants and 2 PCs being reprimanded by the IPCC following a 15 month investigation, and which even included a whitewash and cover up by the Devon and Cornwall Police Professional Standards Department.

By accident or by design the IPCC failed to determine why the officers did what they did or if more Senior Officers were involved. The IPCC also failed to investigate more serious allegations and which remain unanswered to this day.

Update 18 September 2016. In response to the flat not being advertised for any Homechoice applicant who would benefit a stair lift I have received no comment from any member of the Council other than from Councillor Andrew Wallis who thanked me for letting him know about the above via Twitter.


Pictured above is the flat on 17 September showing the boarded up side window where Sanctuary’s maintenance men broke into to gain access to the property on 25 July. Despite the property losing £91.01 a week it has now remained empty for some 3 months.


Update 02 October 2016 : Pictured above is the actual stair lift in question which was photographed yesterday. The flat has now been empty for in excess of 3 months.


Update : 04 October 2016. Pictured above is the stair lift which was finally removed on 04 October 2016 to put an end to the deception. According to one of the Sanctuary maintenance men it was to be scrapped.

Update : On 20 October 2016, approximately 4 months after being vacated, a new tenant and friends visited the flat and began moving items in that weekend. Obstructing the communal rotary driers with a motorbike will not go down very well with tenants who use the driers.


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