The Hypocrisy of Chief Constable Sawyer.


Blog posted 09 October 2016

                        The Hypocrisy of Chief Constable Sawyer

It was reported yesterday that Shaun Sawyer, Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall Police, contacted Devon Partnership NHS Trust to say the Trust would be held to account if the NHS has no beds for people with mental illness in future.

That Chief Constable Sawyer vowed to stop “unlawfully” holding mentally ill people in police cells because there was no NHS beds for them and that legal action may be taken if the situation is not resolved.

Whilst I totally agree with the Chief Constable that people with mental illness need care and support from the NHS and not from the police I also find Chief Constable Sawyer’s stance somewhat hypocritical, cynical and insincere towards those with mental illness in Cornwall.

I also feel bound to say that Chief Constable Sawyer’s remark last year that people are innocent until proven guilty should not only apply to Police and Crime Commissioner Hernandez but all people. I can think of a number of officers, including the Chief Constable himself, who conveniently forget people are innocent until proven guilty when their paymasters the Council and partners are in need of protection and to cover up criminality.

In 2015 I was unlawfully arrested by officers under the Chief Constable’s command for exposing the abuse and discrimination of the mentally ill and the vulnerable in Cornwall as a result of unlawfully rigged Welfare Priority Assessments by Cornwall Council and the Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, and who his officers sought to protect.

It is unknown how many hundreds or thousands of mentally ill and vulnerable victims are being abused, cheated and discriminated against by the Council and the Trust and the Trust has declined to investigate because “the cost involved in collating this information would exceed the ‘appropriate limit’ as defined by the FOI so the Trust is not obliged to comply with the request for information”.

In other words the Trust did not deny it was abusing the mentally ill and vulnerable for Cornwall Council and would rather not know how many victims there is.

Having twice lodged formal complaints against Chief Constable Sawyer the following copy of an email will better explain the latest complaint :
—– Original Message —–



<>, “!enquiries” <>, <>, <>, <>, <>


<>, <>, <>, <>, <>


Fri, 07 Oct 2016 11:39:21 +0100


RE: Re : Your Ref : 006397/15.

Your Ref : 006397/15

IPCC Ref : 2016/065047


ICO Ref : FS50609357

Dear Mrs Furbear

Thank you for your email though I confess I am somewhat perplexed by the delay.

In reply to your remark that the Devon and Cornwall Police Data Protection Unit have not willfuly withheld information from me I beg to differ until such time as the Unit can more adequately explain why the Unit took some 6 months to provide me with information I was entitled to receive within 40 days according to the Data Protection Act.

That the Unit broke the Law and continues to break the Law in not providing me with the information/evidence removed from the recorded interview of 03 December 2015 and which I understand is a criminal offence in itself.

I appreciate the false confession in the cell in return for a caution only and which involved a Coodes Solicitors legal executive with police agreement was filmed without sound and that neither the Coodes legal executive or the police have ever disputed it happened eventhough I was charged to attend court on the basis of that false confession.

I acknowledge the ICO has closed the complaint against the Data Protection Unit prematurely and not in the best interest of myself or the public which the ICO is meant to independently serve and protect. A decision I trust the ICO will regret in the course of time.

Due to a conflict of interest resulting from my unlawful arrest in 2012 when 4 corrupt officers conspired to pervert the course of justice and were reprimanded only by the IPCC and which involved a whitewash and a cover up, I confirm the very same Professional Standards Department (PSD) you mention in your email intend to investigate my complaint regarding my unlawful arrest in 2015.

You will recall I/O Sgt 3097 David Cartwright was responsible for the whitewash and cover up in 2012, on behalf of the PSD, to protect the officers and others and who reported back to then Superintendent Jim Colwell also of the PSD and who upheld Sgt Cartwright’s whitewash and cover up of a Report.

In view of the above I think it unlikely the IPCC, Devon and Cornwall Police, Chief Constable Sawyer or Police and Crime Commissioner Hernandez and others would wish to be seen to be willfuly engaging in the potential of another internal whitewash and cover up like 2012.

What should not have happened in 2012/13 and formed the basis of a complaint to the OPCC and others against the Chief Constable in 2015, is nothing compared to what should not have happened in 2015/16, some of which is included above, and formed the basis of a new formal complaint against Chief Constable Sawyer with the new Crime and Police Commissioner in August 2016 and which I have requested Andrew White and others have nothing to do with.

I only mentioned the other day to Chief Executive Andrew White of the OPCC that if Chief Constable Sawyer did not truly know about the events in 2012 and before officers under his command arrested me in 2015 then Chief Constable Sawyer is not fit for purpose and more so if he did know.

I make no apology for including some detail in reply to your email and which will form the basis of an open letter in response to those who seek only to bury the truth along with my complaints by way of avoiding external and independent investigations which may impact negatively upon most if not all of those named above.

Yours sincerely

Geoff McLaughlin

34 Timber Close, St Austell, Cornwall. PL25 5NZ.

—– Original Message —–



“” <>



Tue, 4 Oct 2016 09:19:48 +0100


RE: Re : Your Ref : 006397/15.

Dear Mr McLaughlin

I acknowledge receipt of you email of 1 September 2016.

Thank you for confirming receipt of the 2 x discs.

The Data Protection Unit have not wilfully withheld information from you.  Your Subject Access application is complete and closed.

This Unit is unable to assist you with the remaining points you raise in your email.

I understand the Professional Standards Department are dealing with a complaint from you under their reference PSD/CO/679/16 which has been allocated for investigation.

Yours sincerely


Tracey Furbear

Data Protection and Information Sharing Manager

Devon and Cornwall Police



Devon EX2 7HQ


From: []

Sent: 01 September 2016 14:44
To: FURBEAR Tracey 50920; !enquiries; SAWYER Shaun 13254; Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner; Professional Standards;;; Data Protection
Subject: Re : Your Ref : 006397/15.



IPCC Ref : 2016/065047

ICO Ref : FS50609357

Your Ref : 006397/15

Dear Mrs Furbear

Data Protection Act 1998 – Subject Access

I refer to your letter dated 29 July 2016 which I received yesterday.

As you are probably aware your letter was sent via recorded delivery and was returned to your department unsigned and it had to be resent.

I confirm receipt of the 2 x discs you provided of the missing cell footage though I am unsure why they are identical to each other.

Still missing is some dialogue which was edited from the recorded interview made on 03 December 2015.

One of the reasons I made the SAR in December 2015 was to hear the very missing part of the recorded interview when the arresting and interview Sergeant Dowlen explained to me why Cornwall Council’s Letter of Defamation to me in 2015 was intended to intimidate me because the Council had no intention of acting upon its intimidating threat.

Also missing is Sergeant Dowlen’s comment that he knew nothing about the events in 2012, when I was unlawfully arrested and 4 officers with Devon and Cornwall Police were reprimanded by the IPCC and which included a whitewash by the I/O representing the PSD, and Sergeant Dowlen’s revealing comment that I received no compensation for it.

Any suggestion I must be mistaken would require some explanation as to why I was filmed in recorded interview at precisely the same time I was filmed in the cell.

With reply to your ‘sequence of events’ following my SAR in December 2015, the limited information I received in January, the presumed destroyed interview and cell footage sent to me in July 2016, and the omitted cell footage I received yesterday I think it perfectly reasonable to accuse Devon and Cornwall Police and the Data Protection Office of willfuly withholding information I was entitled to receive under the Data Protection Act 1998 and within 40 days, and which I still await a copy of.

Yours sincerely

Geoff McLaughlin

34 Timber Close, St Austell, Cornwall. PL25 5NZ
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