Reply to Cornwall Council’s John Pollard’s ‘Life Support’.


Blog posted 13 October 2016

Received an email from John Pollard, Leader of Cornwall Council and Portfolio Holder for Reputation and Performance, on 10 October in response to “World Mental Health Day.”

His email was titled “Life Support in your community” and reflected Cornwall Council’s contribution to “Life Support” for people living with mental health problems in Cornwall.

He begins by assuring recipients of the email that the Council and it’s partners, “including the NHS, Devon & Cornwall Police and Department of Work and Pensions, housing providers, Police and Crime Commissioner, schools and further and higher education partners”, understand the prevalence and risk of mental health issues in Cornwall and the steps they are taking to improve support for people.

Mr Pollard then goes on to list a range of initiatives and services which should be more than enough propaganda to satisfy the most cynical of critics, but not me.

I am reminded only of the Council and it’s partner in crime the Cornwall NHS Foundation Trust which jointly rig Cornwall Homechoice Welfare Priority Assessments which abuse, cheat and discriminate against the mentally ill and the vulnerable in Cornwall. 

I am reminded that the only reason we do not know how many hundreds or thousands of victims there are in Cornwall is because of the cost involved in collating the information according to the NHS Trust.

I am reminded of the Council’s partner in crime Devon & Cornwall Police who have twice unlawfully arrested me to protect and cover up criminality by the Council and the NHS Trust in 2015, and it’s corrupt housing partner Sanctuary Housing in 2012.

I am reminded of Police and Crime Commissioner Hogg, and others, who turned a blind eye to my unlawful arrest in 2012 and the potential of another unlawful arrest in 2015 and which has led to the new Police and Crime Commissioner’s Chief Executive Andrew White attempting to bury my complaint against Chief Constable Sawyer in 2016 because White got it wrong in 2015 when he advised Hogg.

I am reminded most of all that the likes of Pollard on behalf of the Council, the Trust, the Police, the Police and Crime Commissioners, Sanctuary Housing, and others, have no moral compass or genuine regard for the mentally ill and the vulnerable whatsoever and that this will continue to be the case until such time as my unlawful arrests are fairly and impartially investigated and the mentally ill and the vulnerable in Cornwall are truly protected from these callous, cruel and criminal bastards.


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