Blog posted 28 October 2016 (Revised 2018)


The moment Sgt 16259 Innes Dowlen unlawfully arrested me on 03 December 2015 for ‘Harassment with Violence’ I knew the campaign of malicious prosecution upon me by Devon & Cornwall Police and Cornwall Council was to continue.

This because Devon & Cornwall Police had falsely arrested me 3 years earlier and its Professional Standards Department (PSD) had engaged in a whitewash which ended up with 4 Officers being reprimanded by the IPCC but which the IPCC engaged in a cover-up by knowingly failing to investigate more serious allegations or identify any Senior Officers.

Sgt Dowlen then accompanied me upstairs along with another St Austell based Sgt where I was denied changing into a clean tee shirt, denied changing my track suit bottoms with a cord for trousers with a zip and denied me having a pee before leaving for Newquay Police Station on the opposite coast rather than to St Austell Police Station a few minutes up the road.

We arrived at Newquay Police station around 15:35 hours where I remained until being released around 21:00 hours. A duty solicitor was eventually arranged and we both later attended recorded interview. I also requested something to eat during my detention but received nothing despite the Police acknowledging my request and that I may have type 2 diabetes, which has since been confirmed along with high blood pressure which I now take tablets for and twice daily blood tests.

Having admitted to doing nothing wrong in recorded interview other than to have engaged in free speech on social media and in the public interest and in response to extreme provocation, the interview lasted under an hour.

I was later visited in the cell by the Coodes CILEx Stephanie Allen and a police officer and she offered me a Caution in return for agreeing to Harassment, which I agreed because I had got my version of events on record.


Coodes : Stephanie Allen

Up-date April 2017 : Coodes CILEx Stephanie Allen no longer appears on Coodes website, and CILEx has refused to confirm if Stephanie Allen was suitably qualified to attend Newquay Police Station as a ‘duty solicitor’. Stephanie Allen’s details do not appear in the CILEX Authorised Practitioners Directory or in its Disciplinary Records.  

Allen Card F


I did not receive a Caution following Stephanie Allen’s visit to cell 9 but was in fact later Charged that evening with Harassment by Custody Sgt 15428 Chris Wray and bailed to attend Bodmin Magistrates Court a week before Christmas in a guilty only plea court. The intimidating reference “with Violence” was dropped despite it not being mentioned in recorded interview.

No objections were raised by Coodes as to there client being tricked into giving a false confession and I now realize Coodes was perversely chosen by the Police to better defend and protect Cornwall Council and the Trust and not their client.


It can never be right for the Police to choose the duty solicitor they want rather than the duty solicitor randomly be chosen as intended.

The Legal Aid Agency has since blocked me on Twitter for raising these concerns.

In 2016 it became apparent that the recorded interview conducted by Sgt Dowlen had been edited to protect Cornwall Council and the CFT.

This regarding an unsigned “Letter of Defamation” I received from Cornwall Council to intimidate me, according to Sgt Dowlen, regarding a blog I had written in reply titled “Defamation or Intimidation” which was repeated some 650 times on social media.

The blog named and shamed 6 professional Cornwall Council employees who had all allegedly engaged in the criminal abuse of the mentally ill and the vulnerable and also included a CFT support worker who was “incorrectly described” as a Mental Health Professional. It was this blog that led to my orchestrated and unlawful arrest in 2015.

Also edited from the recorded interview was a reference made by Sgt Dowlen when he reminded me I received no compensation for what happened to me in 2012, having previously stated he knew nothing about my arrest in 2012.

Having spent the best part of the Christmas replying to the pitiful Witness Statements by the 2 complainants Coodes had sent me, I then discovered Sgt Dowlen not only knew one of the complainant’s but was himself present when photographs of the complainant were taken by me and which formed part of the evidence Sgt Dowlen referred to in recorded interview.


Pictured – St Austell based Sergeant 16259 Innes Dowlen.

This being one of a number of pictures taken in May 2015 when both the complainant and Sgt Dowlen, and others, were photographed ‘detoxifying’ the consequences of an unlawful and covert toxic community created by collusion involving Sanctuary Housing and Cornwall Council for the Council’s certain types, and which involved Cornwall Homechoice properties in Timber Close, St Austell, being unlawfully ring-fenced and Homechoice bidders being unlawfully deceived.

Only the other week a long term tenant expressed that she still feels traumatized by events resulting from the covert toxic community and I confess I don’t think I will ever forget the sight of a young 30 year old woman being carried out of a flat in a body bag to an awaiting black ambulance in 2014, and which signaled the beginning of the ‘detoxification’ of the Timber Close Flats and later involved the support worker being one of the complainant’s who had me arrested and which also involved Sgt Innes Dowlen as the arresting officer.


Before the New Year I sent my replies to the Witness Statements together with the photographic evidence of the support worker with Sgt Dowlen to Coodes via email. I also included as evidence a copy of a blog titled ‘Used & Abused’ about the abused mentally ill and vulnerable tenant which had been dumped here in 2009, and which the Council, Sanctuary Housing and the Trust had neglected until my blogs finally forced them to move the tenant to a place of safety in May 2015, and which involved the support worker and Sgt Dowlen and others.

used-abused-1Part of the ‘Used & Abused‘ blog dated 02 February 2015 which led to the abused mentally ill and vulnerable tenant being moved to a place of safety in May 2015.

Unfortunately the delay of some 3 months saw further abuse to the tenant and further police visits but fortunately the abused tenant did not leave in a body bag thanks largely to my efforts on social media.

Despite the fact this evidence explained why and where the photos of the complainant were taken and questioned the impartiality of Sgt Innes Dowlen, this evidence was excluded by Coodes along with most nearly all the other incriminating evidence against Cornwall Council, the CFT and Partners.

Before Trial Coodes reduced my evidence from over 30 pieces to 3 pieces claiming Court time would be “limited”. Coodes then sent me some 70 pieces of evidence from the prosecution and which the prosecution intended to use. Most of this evidence was produced at the same St Austell Police Station where officers were reprimanded in 2012-2014, and possibly produced by the same officers.

Up-date April 2017 : Despite an official complaint being lodged against Devon & Cornwall Police in 2016 via the IPCC, the complaint remains un-investigated and unresolved to this day. 

Remembering later that the Council’s former Principle Legal Officer, who I believe orchestrated my unlawful arrest with Devon & Cornwall Police to protect the Council and the CFT, was married to a Coodes Legal Executive, I later sought assurances from Coodes that the Legal Executive in question did not have access to the email information and evidence I had sent to Coodes before the New Year. Unfortunately Coodes could offer me any such assurances and I therefore assumed the Legal Executive in question had passed the confidential information and evidence on to her partner and therefore Cornwall Council.

I will forever regret not contacting the Legal Aid Board when I threatened I would to dismiss Coodes over the Mansell factor but Coodes Trial Solicitor Lucy Bryant was such a convincing liar about the pro-active measures Coodes had and would take. Measures which later proved to be false.


Coodes : Trial Solicitor Lucy Bryant

According to Coodes Stephanie Allen and Lucy Bryant neither of them knew who the Council’s former Principle Legal Officer was.

The other complainant in 2015 was the senior solicitor with Cornwall Council for the NHS.

The Senior Solicitor for the CFT joined the Trust in late 2013 and continued a cover-up which began earlier to protect senior Council and Trust Officials regarding alleged rigged Welfare Priority Assessments involving the Council and the CFT support worker who I believe was not told the truth.

I have never met either of the complainants and only had contact with the CFT Senior Solicitor in connection with a Freedom of Information request which the CFT Deputy CEO did not want to deal with. The CFT Senior Solicitor missed the time limit and in so doing broke the law. The CFT Solicitor then accused me of making vexatious requests to stop me making any further FOI request. The Information Commissioner went along with it just as the Commissioner did when Cornwall Council accused me of being vexatious to avoid answering difficult questions.

Part of the Council’s evidence to the ICO relied upon the LGO’s earlier ruling that the Council had no case to answer regarding the Welfare Priority Assessments. This based on Cornwall Council’s then Principle Legal Officer knowingly misleading the LGO into believing the support worker was a CPN, and which was a major flaw.

It is no secret that following my false arrest and court appearances in 2015/16 I was threatened with Legal Proceedings 3 further times involving Sanctuary Housing, the CFT and Cornwall Council. The latter involved the Council’s former Principle Legal Officer in an email SCAM which led to the closure of my 17 year old camera business and me signing on for JSA. The email SCAM lasted about month by which time the damage done could not be reversed.

With just a few days to go before trial in February 2016 Coodes stabbed me in the back, and not for the first time, and virtually dumped most of the incriminating evidence I had in my defense of extreme provocation against the Council and the CFT, along with its Duty of Care to me and my every Human Right, and then recommended I had no reasonable prospect of success and that I should accept the offer of a 2 year Restraining Order. With both hands tied I felt I had little choice.

I lodged complaints against Coodes, and both Devon & Cornwall Police and Chief Constable Sawyer via the IPCC in 2016, during which the Force Data Protection Unit broke the law and withheld information for over a year.

This involved the Data Protection Unit withholding CCTV data evidence until months after the Trial to deny me my Human Right to a fair trial and which obstructed the course of justice.

In 2016 Chief Constable Sawyer directed and empowered Assessment Officer Mr P Chudley of the very same Professional Standards Department (PSD) which conducted the whitewash in 2012, and a new (PSD) white-wash was under way.

My official complaint was buried and replaced with a single email paragraph chosen by the corrupt Mr P Chudley from an email I had sent to Chief Constable Sawyer.

In 2017 the IPCC colluded with Devon & Cornwall Police in an email SCAM which got found out before the SCAM worked. I reported the matter to Home Office Minister Amber Rudd MP and others and within 6 months the outrageously corrupt IPCC was dead and buried. 

I believe Chief Constable Sawyer’s position remains untenable and that he should be dismissed.

I also believe Police and Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez should be dismissed for engaging in a cover-up to protect Chief Constable Sawyer and Devon & Cornwall Police.


Pictured : Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer and Police and Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez.



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