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Blog entered 2 February 2015

                     USED & ABUSED

Within weeks of Cornwall Council becoming a unitary authority on 1 April 2009, the Council and Sanctuary Housing dumped a new tenant in one of the flats at Timber Close. A tenant who had spent the last 10 years of his life in a mental institution. Despite his background and the fact he was extremely vulnerable the Council and Sanctuary willfuly placed him below and next door to the worst anti-social tenant the flats had ever seen and who had previously received, and continued to receive, more written complaints than any other tenant since the flats came into being in the mid-1990s.

The vulnerable tenant, who has received little support from the Council or the local NHS Foundation Trust, should never have been dumped here and the only reason he was was because no one in their right mind would have chosen to live below such a damaging influence. That the vulnerable tenant was used and abused by all concerned.

As part of a current ‘Detoxification’ program by Cornwall Council and Sanctuary Housing to make good the corrupt, perverse, abusive and unlawful decisions they have willfuly made over the years, the vulnerable adult will shortly be moved to a safer and more caring environment years too late given what he has had to endure and been subjected to since 2009.

Up-date : 9 March 2015. My understanding is the vulnerable adult is only on a waiting list and must therefore continue to be abused and bullied until he is eventually transferred. I have today advised the landlord, Sanctuary Housing, who also operate care facilities, not to ignore this adult in the same way it turned a blind eye to warnings last year and months before a 30 year old woman was removed in a body bag. Cornwall Council, Sanctuary Housing, and the Cornwall NHS Foundation Trust is responsible for this situation continuing and will remain responsible for any further harm this vulnerable adult is subjected to.

Up-date : October 2016. The vulnerable tenant was finally moved to a place of safety on 21 May 2015. On 03 December 2015 I was falsely arrested for the criminal charge of Harassment with Violence and twice attended court. The arresting, recorded interview and charging Sgt was one Innes Dowlen and one of the complainants was (X) who cannot be named for legal reasons. Both Sgt Dowlen and (X) were involved in the “Detoxification” process on 21 May 2015, and following my arrest and in 2016 Cornwall Council, Sanctuary Housing and the Cornwall NHS Foundation Trust each threatened me with Legal Proceedings to stop me engaging in Free Speech on the internet, which I continue to do.


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