1st Anniversary of Conspiracy by Cornwall Council.


Blog posted 06 November 2016

A conspiracy involving Cornwall Council, Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer and Devon & Cornwall Police, Coodes Solicitors and others

               1st Anniversary of Conspiracy by Cornwall Council

A year ago today Cornwall Council’s bought and paid for Devon & Cornwall Police under the command of Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer began a period of abuse and intimidation upon me initially involving 9 Officers to cover-up the abuse and discrimination to the mentally ill and the vulnerable by Cornwall Council and the Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.


Pictured : Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer.

According to the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) the costs involved in unlawfully arresting and detaining me, obtaining a false confession, choosing which duty solicitor to represent me, abusing my Human Rights, tampering with the recorded interview evidence, wasting Court time, using a corrupt Police Force Data Protection Office which broke the law, using the same corrupt Police Professional Standards Department (PSD) that engaged in a whitewash and a cover-up in 2012 when 4 Officers were reprimanded by the IPCC, was an appropriate way to spend public resources.


Pictured : OPCC Chief Executive David White who was CE to Tony Hogg’s willfuly blind administration and which had an opportunity to influence Chief Constable Sawyer. Although Alison Hernandez is the elected Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) but is under investigation for election fraud Mr White is the acting un-elected PCC and Hernandez is merely expensive window dressing.


Pictured : Police and Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez .

Sadly you will not read about any of this in any of the dumbed down Tory owned Cornish newspapers or on any Tory controlled Media where corruption and scandal in Cornwall has ceased to exist.

In August 2016 I lodged a formal complaint against Chief Constable Sawyer with the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner. The OPCC instead accepted a petty complaint lodged a month later by Adrian Sanders a Liberal Democrat politician who was MP for Torbay until his defeat in the 2015 general election. Chief Constable Sawyer was then placed under investigation soon after by an outside police force in the same way the Chief Constable had earlier placed PCC Alison Hernandez under investigation by an outside police force for alleged election fraud.


Pictured : Adrian Sanders (L) and Chief Constable Sawyer (R)

I believe the reason why the OPCC accepted Mr Sanders lesser complaint was to protect the Chief Constable and his corrupt paymaster Cornwall Council from my more damaging complaint and scrutiny and because Cornwall Council is largely made up of Liberal Democrats as illustrated below. 5 of the 44 Liberal Democrat members being Cabinet Members. Namely : Geoff Brown, Joyce Duffin, Edwina Hannaford, Adam Paynter, and Jeremy Rowe.

Structure : Cornwall Council
Seats 123
Cornwall Council composition 2016.svg
Political groups
Executive (78)

Opposition (45)


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