Chemo to Die for in Cornwall.


Pictured is the Royal Cornwall Hospital (Treliske)

Blog posted 30 December 2016        (Revised in 2018)

                  Chemo to Die for in Cornwall

Having been abused and cheated by Cornwall Council and it’s willfuly blind Welfare Priority Assessment Panel Members who knew Alison had suffered some 30 years of mental health disorders and acknowledged her health was deteriorating at the time of the Assessments, Alison continued to receive no help, care or support following the Assessments because the Council and the Cornwall NHS Foundation Trust were more concerned with covering-up the fact the Welfare Assessments were rigged.

Alison was awarded “Low Welfare Priority”.

County Hall. Picture by James Ram. REF: 0906JR01312guyan

Pictured is County Hall.

It remains unknown how many hundreds or thousands of mentally ill and vulnerable adults have been abused and discriminated against as a result of rigged Cornwall Homechoice Welfare Priority Assessments.

In reply to a Freedom of Information request the Cornwall NHS Foundation Trust did not deny the Assessments were rigged only that the cost involved in collating the information would be too high.

Some 8 months after the Assessments, Alison was diagnosed with a tumour and secondary to bowel cancer which was advanced and inoperable. This then involved Alison spending some time at the Royal Cornwall Hospital (Treliske).

Despite it being late stage and inoperable it was then perversely decided by those in charge to begin chemotherapy soon after being admitted after which she was then discharged and delivered to my 1st floor cramped flat for me to care for her.

Although the hospital staff knew Alison had a husband and were happy for her to be discharged into his care he was excluded from any decision making.

I do not know what kind of people would seek consent from a person it knew to have a history of mental health disorders and who they probably took advantage of in offering her the belief chemotherapy would extend what time she had left rather than it actually hasten death and destroy what ‘quality of life’ time she had left.

Chemotherapy which was so toxic that it caused her feet to excrete a liquid capable of removing dye colour from leather upholstery like paint stripper. This condition should have alerted professionals to an ‘infection’, as stated by her doctor on 12 June when he visited her and recommended anti-biotics. Despite the ‘infection’ and the potential of Sepsis chemotherapy continued in June when Alison returned to hospital for a 24 hour course and was discharged to me the following week.

When returned to me this time Alison had some difficulty walking and it took some 20 minutes for her to climb the 13 steps within my flat with my assistance. The last 2 steps proved the most difficult and once completed I sat her down on an old plastic post office sack and pulled her along the hallway and into the lounge where I then lifted her up and into an armchair.

Cornwall Council was kept fully informed of the situation in writing at the time.

Over the next few days things just went from bad to worse and I had to strip and wash the bedding more than once. The word hospice had already been mentioned by that time which serves to indicate just how late-stage the cancer really was.

In desperation I contacted Macmillan Nurses at Bodmin on 20 June who arranged for Alison’s doctor to visit her and who pathetically prescribed her 1mg Lorazepam tablets for ‘anxiety’. He also said he would try and arrange a hospice. The doctor later contacted me, presumably having considered the seriousness of the situation, to say he had arranged for an ambulance to call and collect her.

Unfortunately, Alison collapsed in the bathroom in the meantime and hit her head on the wash basin which knocked her out. The ambulance visit was then upgraded to emergency and I gently dragged her into the bedroom and dressed her as best I could before they arrived.

I visited the hospital that evening and I was asked to agree a DNR Order.

The following day Alison was still in A&E and was described as having a number of complex problems. Diabetic problems and twisted bowel and she was wearing an oxygen mask. Later that evening it was suggested a small amount of her bowel was believed to have died and that she had kidney and lung trouble.

Alison did not come home again and just deteriorated further whilst sucking on hospital sponges. We could no longer converse with her or understand what she was saying towards the end. Alison died on the evening of 27 June in hospital and less a month after she had been diagnosed with a tumour and cancer and poisoned with chemotherapy.

A few hours before Alison died my landlord Sanctuary Housing covertly hand delivered a repossession order on my home due to a dispute I was having with it. This resulting from confidential information Cornwall Council shared with its housing partner as to when would be the most advantageous time to serve the order.

I will forever regret chemotherapy destroying what little precious time Alison had left and the ‘quality of life’ we were all denied by chemotherapy. The hospital must have known Alison was dying and that chemotherapy would serve only to destroy what ‘quality of life’ she had left and with no chance of extended time or recovery.

It is generally accepted chemo can cure many types of early cancer. The notion late stage cancer patients have nothing to lose and may feel better on chemo is, I believe, a nonsense and has more to do with financial considerations than the ‘quality of life’ the patient and families will be denied before death. This based on an assumption Palliative Care would have been more expensive to provide than Chemotherapy.

Even Moors murderer Ian Brady received Palliative Care before he died.

I do not think it inconceivable that Councils and Health Authorities are engaging in genocide and are killing sick and disabled members of society prematurely and that this is being covered-up by central government, and public advocate bodies once considered “Independent” but which now only protect central and local government bodies and the true extent of the damage caused by austerity, corruption and incompetence.

Alison’s story began with criminality by Cornwall Council and the Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and at the time Alison died in 2013, aged just 54, there were still live complaints running against the Council and the NHS Trust. These complaints have continued despite cover-ups involving the Council, the Trust, Devon & Cornwall Police, Chief Constable Sawyer, Police & Crime Commissioner Hernandez, former Police & Crime Commissioner Hogg, IPCC, Coodes Solicitors, the CPS, LGO, PHSO, ICO, CQC, SRA, then Lib-Dem MP Stephen Gilbert, Tory MP Steve Double, Cornwall Councillors and others, and includes my false arrest in 2015 to stop me engaging in free speech on social media about the above.

Alison’s cancer should not have become late stage and she did not deserve to die the way she did in order for the Council and the NHS Trust to continue covering-up the criminal abuse and neglect of her in 2012, and before, and which contributed to her death 8 months later.

Alison, her next of kin and family had a right to be told about the risks involved with late stage chemotherapy and a right to be advised about Palliative Care which may have genuinely extended the time she had left and with a greater degree of quality and dignity.

The official ‘Cause of Death’, below, according to an M Anderson MBChB 7280630, was that Sepsis and Pneumonia were the diseases or conditions directly leading to death, and Metastatic Sigmoid Cancer contributed to death but not related to the disease or condition.


Alison was denied a more caring end in an Hospice due to an outbreak of norovirus at the Royal Cornwall Hospital.

There were 6 individuals who made up Cornwall Council’s Welfare Priority Assessment Panels, and 1 representing the NHS who was “incorrectly described” as a Community Psychiatric Nurse in 2012, according to the CPS in 2018.

This revelation was also provided to me by the Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO) late 2014 when the PHSO unwittingly exposed a 2 year cover-up by the NHS Trust and Cornwall Council and then failed to explain what an NHS support worker was doing on a Welfare Panel for Professionals.

The PHSO then perversely decided to close my complaint on the grounds that the complaint was not about “care” provided by the NHS, despite the Assessments only becoming necessary due to the failure, negligence and reduced care and support provided to Alison by the NHS prior to the Assessments.

Throughout this time Alison came under the care and support umbrella of the NHS Trust and the Council because she lived alone. The purpose of Assessments was to enable me to resume being her recognized Carer, apart from me still being her husband, and care for her 24/7 under the same roof because she could no longer cope with living on her own anymore.

The PHSO also knew a crime had been committed because the support worker was not a Mental Health Professional and was not suitably qualified to be a member on a Welfare Priority Assessment Panel.

In my opinion the support worker and the CFT solicitor made false and malicious allegations of “Harassment with Violence” against me, the widower, in December 2015 and I was arrested by Devon & Cornwall Police. Two individuals who I have never met and only had written contact with the CFT Solicitor concerning a FOI request I had made and which the CFT Solicitor replied too late and broke the law.

The CFT Solicitor was also directly involved in the cover-up to protect the Trust CEO, Deputy CEO, Patient Advice and Liaison Officer, the Head of Patient Experience and others, including Senior Cornwall Council Officers.

The officer who arrested me on 3rd December 2015 was one PS 16259 Innes Dowlen and was pictured with the NHS support worker in May 2015 and before I was arrested later that year. Despite showing me pictures of the support worker in recorded interview PS Dowlen did not admit knowing him or working with him.

They were both involved in the ‘detoxification’ of a covert and unlawful community created by and involving collusion by Cornwall Council and it’s housing partner Sanctuary Housing and which included deception.

My unlawful arrest, initiated by Cornwall Council, involved me being fitted up for a false confession and a guilty only plea court,  a corrupt Coodes Solicitors being chosen not to defend me, recorded interview evidence being edited to protect the Council, the Trust and the Police, most of my evidence being removed, and a very corrupt Devon & Cornwall Police Data Protection Unit withholding CCTV evidence until after Trial to obstruct the course of justice and deny me a fair Trial.

Despite two court appearances I still do not know who the alleged victim of ‘Harassment with Violence’ is. An indication perhaps of just how perverse Coodes Solicitors represented their client.

Most of these issues will be found on social media under #Cornwallgate, which includes my unlawful arrest in 2012 and 4 bent Devon & Cornwall Police officers being reprimanded in 2012, and by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) in 2014.

Due to evidence of collusion regarding an email scam by Devon & Cornwall Police and the IPCC in 2017, the outrageously corrupt IPCC was shut down in January 2018.

Although Alison knew she was dying in hospital the only thing which reduced her to tears was the fact she had been cheated out of the help and support she should have received the year before by Cornwall Council and the NHS Trust.

                              Alison Linda McLaughlin  1959 – 2013   RIP




In your fight against cancer, arm yourself with the facts about infection and sepsis. Having cancer and certain treatments for cancer, such as chemotherapy, can put you at higher risk of developing an infection and sepsis.

Getting an infection or developing sepsis is a medical emergency. Either condition can delay your treatment, put you in the hospital or be deadly.

Why does cancer put me at risk for developing an infection and sepsis?

Having cancer and undergoing certain treatments for cancer, such as chemotherapy, can make your body unable to fight off infections the way it normally would. What is the difference between infection and sepsis?

An INFECTION occurs when germs enter a person’s body and multiply, causing illness, organ and tissue damage, or disease. For cancer patients, an infection can turn serious, or even deadly, very fast.

SEPSIS is a complication caused by the body’s overwhelming and life-threatening response to infection which can lead to tissue damage, organ failure, and death. For a person with cancer, any infection that is anywhere in your body can lead to sepsis.

How does chemotherapy increase my risk for infection and sepsis?

Chemotherapy works by killing the fastest-growing cells in your body—both good and bad. This means that along with killing cancer cells, chemo also kills your infection-fighting white blood cells.

Is there a specific time I may be more likely to get an infection?

An infection or sepsis can happen at any time. However, when your body has very low levels of a certain type of white blood cell (neutrophils), your risk of getting an infection that can lead to sepsis increases. This condition is a common side effect of chemo called neutropenia.

How will I know if I have neutropenia?

Your doctor will routinely test for neutropenia by checking the level of your white blood cells (neutrophils). “)

(“Palliative care is care given to improve the quality of life of patients who have a serious or life-threatening disease, such as cancer. The goal of palliative care is to prevent or treat, as early as possible, the symptoms and side effects of the disease and its treatment, in addition to the related psychological, social, and spiritual problems. The goal is not to cure. Palliative care is also called comfort caresupportive care, and symptom management. Palliative care is given throughout a patient’s experience with cancer. It should begin at diagnosis and continue through treatment, follow-up care, and the end of life.”)

(“Four clinical trials have shown that providing palliative care helps patients live longer, perhaps because care teams pay close attention to patients’ symptoms. Studies show that palliative care also reduces depression and anxiety.”)

(“Depressed patients are less responsive to chemotherapy. A study has found that cancer patients suffering depression have decreased amounts of brain-deprived neurotophic factor (BDNF) in their blood. Low levels make people less responsive to cancer drugs and less tolerant of their side-effects.”)

(“In a study of more than 600 cancer patients who died within 30 days of receiving chemotherapy, the treatment was found to have probably caused or hastened death in 27% of cases. 43% of patients in all suffered significant treatment-related toxicity.”)


Crooked Coodes Solicitors.


Blog posted Sunday 11 December 2016

                                Crooked Coodes Solicitors

Coodes Solicitors, my legal representatives chosen for me by Devon & Cornwall Police, perverse in itself, limited evidence in defence of my case of Extreme Provocation against Cornwall Council and the Cornwall Foundation Trust to 3 pages only because they advised the Court would only allow a limited amount of time.

In contrast to this Coodes Solicitors sent me over 80 pages of evidence from the Prosecution which the Prosecution intended to use against me.

Disturbingly, most of the evidence from the Prosecution was compiled at the same St Austell Police Station which falsely arrested me 3 years earlier and which resulted in a white-wash and a cover-up and 4 officers being reprimanded by the IPCC. Evidence for the Prosecution which may well have been compiled by the very same officers.

Having left me virtually defenceless “my defence team” then advised me I had no reasonable prospect of winning. This because Coodes Solicitors only real objective from the beginning was to cover-up criminality by Cornwall Council and the NHS Foundation Trust by perverting the course of justice. 

Other notable achievements by Coodes Solicitors following my false arrest in 2015 was to trick me into giving a false confession in the cell in return for a caution only but which resulted in me being charged and bailed to attend a guilty only plea Bodmin Magistrates Court. Misappropriating Legal Aid funds to protect the Council and the Trust rather than defend the person the funds were intended to protect. Countless willful lies and misinformation.


Complaining To Cornwall Council – What You Should Know.


Blog posted 10 December 2016

         Complaining To Cornwall Council – What You Should Know.

The following email was sent to Cornwall Council CEO Kate Kennally, members of the Cabinet and others, on 09 December 2016. I am repeating it here because I received no confirmation from the Council that it was received. It offers an insight to how the Council deals with complaints – or not. A list of the email recipients is included at the bottom.


Dear CEO Kate Kennally

I write further to my email to you and Council Cabinet Members on 24 November 2016.

You will recall I gave you a number of valid reasons why Simon JR Mansell MBE cannot deal with my official complaint lodged on the Council’s website on 09 November 2016.

Regretfully, you and the Cabinet Members willfuly chose to ignore those reasons and had Mansell reply on your behalf and that of the Cabinet on 25 November 2016.

Not only did Mansell not explain why I was given 4 different reference numbers in as many days to my official complaint on the Council’s website but he closed the complaint and advised me to address my concerns me to the Local Government Ombudsman (LGO).

Mansell recently reminded me that the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) supported his decision to declare me vexatious in 2015 and to stop me making further Freedom of Information Requests and exposing further Council failures.

Part of the ICO reasoning for supporting the Council related to a decision made by the LGO to a complaint in 2014 regarding the Council and Sanctuary Housing unlawfully ring fencing Homechoice properties and deception and the Council and the Cornwall Foundation Trust rigging Homechoice Welfare Priority Assessments which abused and cheated the mentally ill and the vulnerable.

The LGO ruled in the Council’s favour and Mansell, on behalf of the Council, later suggested to the ICO I had a problem accepting the LGO’s decision and that I was therefore vexatious.

What Mansell neglected to mention to the ICO was that the LGO did not have the jurisdiction to investigate Sanctuary Housing, with regard to ring fencing and deception, or the Trust regarding rigged Welfare Assessments.

Had the LGO had the jurisdiction to question the Trust the LGO would have discovered the Trust employee described by the Council as a “Community Psychiatric Nurse” (CPN) on a  Homechoice Welfare Priority Panel was nothing more than a support worker who was not qualified to be a Panel member. In his correspondence with the LGO, Mansell, on behalf of Cornwall Council, willfuly failed to correct this falsehood.

Also not taken into account was the perversity and injustice of the LGO ruling in the Council’s favour before I had even seen a copy of the Council’s reply to my complaint.

As I cannot deal with Mansell, whose only method in dealing with a complaint is to deny, mislead, corrupt, cover-up and investigate nothing, I wish to state the following for the record because I know it will eventually become important and the recipients of this email will be seen to have engaged in complicity.

I refer to Cornwall Council Reference number : 101002972666 to my complaint of 09 November 2016, as follows :

“I am lodging this complaint on the assumption Cornwall Council and Sanctuary Housing are continuing to unlawfully ring-fence Homechoice properties for the Council’s certain types at Timber Close, and which has created a covert toxic community previously and which left long term residents still feeling traumatized as a direct result of this illegal activity. Would you please advise me when Flat 40 Timber Close, which has people and property being moved in today, was advertised to Homechoice applicants.  My records show the last Timber Close Flat to be advertised was No 44 which remained empty for some 4 months and which Cllr Joyce Duffin has still not yet explained. I am also concerned Flat 40 was not cleared of some larger furniture when the flat was prepared for occupation again which serves to indicate Flat 40 was ring-fenced for a tenant/s with little in the way of furniture.”, unquote.

In reply to my complaint Alastair Spencer, Performance and Project Coordinator, confirmed that Flat 40 Timber Close was advertised for the period 3-7 Sep 16. Mr Spencer further confirmed the property was advertised with no preferences against it and was not ring fenced in any way by the Homechoice team. Mr Spencer also advised me, regarding my enquiry about Flat 44 which remained empty for some 4 months, that he is not able to comment on my enquiry to Cllr Duffin, Portfolio Holder for Housing and Environment.

Mr Spencer’s comments were later supported by Mansell on behalf of the Council in reply to an email in which I accused Mr Spencer’s comments as being “false and misleading.”

My reason for saying this is because Flat 40 was not advertised at all in 2016. The Homechoice property advertised for the period 3-7 September 16 was Homechoice Ref : 24008, and which I bidded for, and was Flat 44.

Mr Spencer was being somewhat coy when he said the property “was not ring fenced in any way by the Homechoice team”, unquote, because the property, like all the ring fenced properties at Timber Close, are ring fenced by Sanctuary Housing for Cornwall Council.

Flat 44 was advertised earlier as Homechoice property Ref : 23335 for the period 2-6 July 16 and which remained empty for some 4 months. This being the Homechoice property Cllr Duffin remains silent over.

I have recently requested a Parliamentary solution to a number of issues I have one of which is collusion between Cornwall Council and Sanctuary Housing to ring fence Homechoice properties and unlawfully deceive Homechoice bidders/applicants. Another is the rigging of Homechoice Welfare Priority Assessments.

The only reason the Council and Sanctuary have been getting away with the unlawful practise of ring fencing and rigged Welfare Priority Assessments for years is because no Ombudsman has the jurisdiction to investigate a Council partner involved in a complaint against the Council.

Property Ref : 23335, a 1 Bed 1st Floor Flat, was advertised for the period 2-6 July 16 and was advertised without any preferences despite a bizarre reference to it not having a “lift”. A reference I have not seen before for any Timber Close Flat.

64 Homechoice bidders were deceived by this advertisement because the property did have a Stair Lift which was not mentioned in the advertisement or any preferences. I believe the Council was still paying for the Stair Lift which was installed by Tremorvah Industries in 2012 for a tenant in receipt of benefits who moved out in June 2016. Tremorvah Industries being a supported workshop under the umbrella of Cornwall Council.

Although I advised the Council and Sanctuary Housing Flat 44 had a Stair Lift the only change that followed was the property was re-advertised as Property Ref : 24008, a 1 Bed 1st Floor Flat, for the period 3-7 September 16. The major difference being a Service Charge increase from £2.55 (Ref : 23335) to £22.38 (Ref : 24008) per week to cover the cost for the Stair Lift despite no mention of a Stair Lift or any preferences in the re-advertised Flat.

On 04 October, some three and a half months after Flat 44 became empty the Stair Lift was removed and disposed of whilst the maintenance men were still preparing Flat 44 for occupation and before they later began preparing Flat 40 for occupation. On 22 October the new tenant moved into Flat 44 and on 09 November a new tenant took over Flat 40.

If Flat 40 was Property Ref : 24008 for the period 3-7 September 16, according to Spencer, Mansell and Cornwall Council, then 104 Homechoice bidders were deceived into bidding for an advertised property which was willfuly misleading and which would have deterred some Homechoice applicants bidding for it due to the extortionate weekly Service Charge of £22.38 without explanation. A property I bidded for but received no amendments, updates or corrections for the misleading advertisement which the Council must have known about whilst the Stair Lift remained in the property.

Flat 40 had no adaptions to warrant a Service Charge of nearly £90 a month hence why Flat 40 was not advertised in 2016.

Whoever Flat 44 and Flat 40 was awarded to it had nothing to do with fair play or a level playing field to bidders/applicants and everything to do with deceiving them because the Council’s housing partner had been caught out engaging in criminality and deception again.

As per usual both Flats were advertised with misleading pictures, a practise which has gone on since 2009 or before, and both maps pinpointed the same house, thanks largely to a willfuly blind ICO who doesn’t believe this recorded information is misleading. Duh.

As Mansell is well aware this is not the first time this has happened or the first time Mansell has engaged in willful blindness or made defensive remarks like “The flat is the property of Sanctuary Housing and as such I would ask you to contact them directly as they are not part of Cornwall Council or Cornwall Housing”, unquote.

A clear admission by Cornwall Council that it will not investigate any complaint involving the potential of criminality or collusion between Cornwall Council or Cornwall Housing and one of its partners. Be it in Housing or Health.

I once said Cornwall Council and Sanctuary Housing are so far up each other that it would take a week in surgery to separate them. Nothing has changed and this is perhaps best demonstrated with the ongoing fraud and protection involving Bennett’s Folly.

I am also still mindful that the Council has twice had me falsely arrested by its corrupt bought and paid for Police Force to protect itself and its partners in crime and which has also yet to be resolved properly.

Yours sincerely


Geoff McLaughlin

34 Timber Close, St Austell, Cornwall. PL25 5NZ.


Email recipients :

CEO Kate Kennally, Leader of the Council Cllr John Pollard, Cllr Joyce Duffin, Cllr Geoff Brown, Cllr Adam Paynter, Cllr Jeremy Rowe, Cllr Jim McKenna, Cllr Andrew Wallis, Cllr Bert Biscoe, Cllr Edwina Hannaford, Cllr Julian German. Local Government Ombudsman, Paul Masters, Trevor Doughty, Cath Robinson, Information Commissioner’s Office, Alastair Spencer, Panorama.


Cornwall Council Scams. Bogus email & Deliberate Typos.


Blog posted 04 December 2016

(Bogus Email and Deliberate Typos)

The following scam was played on me earlier this year by Cornwall Council and involved a bogus email it claimed it had sent me.

Background : Received notification in June 2016 from the Council advising me it would take Legal Proceedings against me within 7 days if I did not pay £680 Council Tax. The actual sum I owed was between £100 – 200 with some 9 months to catch up and which I had done before without problem, and I had continued to pay something off monthly.

I advised the Council the only way I could avoid Court would be to close my 17 year old business and sign on.

In reply the Council claimed it sent me an email within the 7 days dated 29/06/2016 informing me it had placed my Council Tax account on hold and it had sent me an application form to apply for Council Tax Support and Housing Benefit.

As Jethro would put it, ‘what happened was’ I did not receive that email and I did not see a copy of it until a month later, a month too late.

In response to a formal complaint I lodged on the Council’s website in July 2016 a Miriam Laker, Cornwall Council Revenues Technical Officer, sent me a copy of the email I knew nothing about and without me requesting it.

The reason I never received it was because the sender, a Lisa Laity, Cornwall Council Revenues Officer, and who I would love to get on a witness stand, had left out an “s” in my email address. 

Although a simple enough typo perhaps, more sinister is the fact the Council received no delivery failure message from BT advising the Council the user had no BT account.

When I tried the incorrect email address I received a delivery failure message from BT immediately.

Miriam Laker confirmed Mrs Laity did not receive a delivery failure email from BT and the Council’s corrupt henchman Simon JR Mansell MBE considered the incorrect email address was not a deliberate act and that I had not suffered any loss.

(No loss other than my business and my livelihood of course)

Despite me requesting the Council should contact BT to investigate why the Council did not receive a delivery failure message, to prevent it happening again to others, Mansell, on behalf of the Council, decided against it.

The net result : I received a Council Tax Adjustment Notice to the effect I owed just £60.19 spread over 5 monthly payments and that nearly £600 will be paid by the Cornwall Tax payer. My weekly Rent and Service Charge will also be paid by the Cornwall Tax payer. That I am now a kept man because that’s the way the Council wanted it and despite my intentions to keep trading until I retire next April at 65.

Was that the end of the typos ?

In November 2016 I lodged an official complaint on the Council’s website against the continuing problem of Cornwall Homechoice properties in Timber Close being unlawfully ring fenced and Homechoice applicants being unlawfully deceived.

In reply to a response from an Alastair Spencer, Cornwall Council Performance and Project Coordinator, I advised him most of his comments to my complaint were false and misleading. He then began miss-spelling my surname and despite me seeking an apology for it I received none.

Within a matter of a few days my complaint was disturbingly given no less than 4 different Reference nos., and which ended when the Council’s corrupt henchman Mansell took over the complaint and immediately miss-spelt my surname and also offered no apology for it. 

Mansell’s resolve of the complaint about unlawful ring fencing and deception was that the Council considers the matter closed and that I should address my concerns to the Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). The unmentioned reason for this is because the complaint involves the Council’s corrupt housing partner Sanctuary Housing who neither the LGO or the ICO has the jurisdiction to investigate as part of a complaint against Cornwall Council.   

The moral of the story being beware of Cornwall Council employees bearing typos.