Cornwall Council Cons. Bogus Email & Deliberate Typos.


Blog posted 04 December 2016 (Amended)

(Bogus Email and Deliberate Typos)

The following con was played on me earlier this year by Cornwall Council and involved a bogus email the Council claimed it had sent me.

Background : Received notification in June 2016 from the Council advising me it would take Legal Proceedings against me within 7 days if I did not pay £680 Council Tax. The actual sum I owed was between £100 – 200 with some 9 months to pay and which I had done before without a problem.

I advised the Council the only way I could avoid Legal Proceedings would be to close my 17 year old business and sign on.

In reply the Council claimed it sent me an email informing me it had placed my Council Tax account on hold and it had sent me an application form to apply for Council Tax Support and Housing Benefit.

The problem was I did not receive that email and I did not see a copy of it until a month later, a month too late.

In response to a formal complaint I lodged on the Council’s website in July 2016, a Miriam Laker, Cornwall Council Revenues Technical Officer, sent me a copy of the email I knew nothing about and without me requesting a copy of it.

The reason I never received it was because the sender, a Lisa Laity, Cornwall Council Revenues Officer, who I would love to get on a witness stand in Court, had left out an “s” in my email address. 

Although a simple enough typo perhaps, more sinister is the fact the Council received no delivery failure message from BT advising the Council the user had no BT account.

When I tried the incorrect email address I received a delivery failure message from BT immediately.

Miriam Laker confirmed Mrs Laity did not receive a delivery failure email from BT and the Council’s corrupt henchman Simon JR Mansell MBE considered the incorrect email address was not a deliberate act and that I had not suffered any loss.

(No loss other than the loss of my business and livelihood of course)

Despite me requesting the Council should contact BT to investigate why the Council did not receive a delivery failure message, to prevent it happening to other customers, Mansell, on behalf of the Council, refused to contact BT.

Having lost my business and livelihood of 17 years and signing on, I received a Council Tax Adjustment Notice to the effect I owed just £60.19 spread over 5 monthly payments and that nearly £600 will be paid by the Cornwall Tax payer. My weekly Rent and Service Charge would also be paid by the Cornwall Tax payer. That I am now a kept man, because that is what the Council wanted to stop me withholding Tax payments in support of a corrupt Devon & Cornwall Police, despite my intentions to keep trading until retirement in April 2017.

Was that the end of the typos ?

In November 2016 I lodged an official complaint on the Council’s website against the continuing problem of Cornwall Homechoice properties in Timber Close being unlawfully ring fenced and Homechoice applicants being unlawfully deceived.

In reply to a response from an Alastair Spencer, Cornwall Council Performance and Project Coordinator, I advised him most of his comments to my complaint were false and misleading. He then began miss-spelling my surname and despite me seeking an apology for the errors I received none.

Within a matter of a few days my complaint was disturbingly given no less than 4 different Reference nos., and which ended when the Council’s corrupt henchman Mansell took over the complaint and immediately miss-spelt my surname and also offered no apology for it. 

Mansell’s resolve of the complaint about unlawful ring fencing and deception was that the Council considers the matter closed and that I should address my concerns to the Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). The reason for Mansell’s advice was because he knew neither the LGO or the ICO had the jurisdiction to investigate the Council’s corrupt housing partner Sanctuary Housing who ring fenced the Homechoice properties for Cornwall Council and which involved deception by the Council.

The moral of the story is beware of Cornwall Council typos and cons.  




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