Crooked Coodes Solicitors.


Blog posted Sunday 11 December 2016

                                Crooked Coodes Solicitors

Coodes Solicitors, my legal representatives chosen for me by Devon & Cornwall Police, perverse in itself, limited evidence in defence of my case of Extreme Provocation against Cornwall Council and the Cornwall Foundation Trust to 3 pages only because they advised the Court would only allow a limited amount of time.

In contrast to this Coodes Solicitors sent me over 80 pages of evidence from the Prosecution which the Prosecution intended to use against me.

Disturbingly, most of the evidence from the Prosecution was compiled at the same St Austell Police Station which falsely arrested me 3 years earlier and which resulted in a white-wash and a cover-up and 4 officers being reprimanded by the IPCC. Evidence for the Prosecution which may well have been compiled by the very same officers.

Having left me virtually defenceless “my defence team” then advised me I had no reasonable prospect of winning. This because Coodes Solicitors only real objective from the beginning was to cover-up criminality by Cornwall Council and the NHS Foundation Trust by perverting the course of justice. 

Other notable achievements by Coodes Solicitors following my false arrest in 2015 was to trick me into giving a false confession in the cell in return for a caution only but which resulted in me being charged and bailed to attend a guilty only plea Bodmin Magistrates Court. Misappropriating Legal Aid funds to protect the Council and the Trust rather than defend the person the funds were intended to protect. Countless willful lies and misinformation.



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