Cornwall Council’s Complicit Jim McKenna.


Blog posted 26 January 2017

I find it ironic that Cornwall Council Cabinet member Jim McKenna has been confirmed as the new Chairman at Royal Hospitals NHS Trust.

Moreso considering his responsibilities contained within the portfolio for Adult Care having spent so much of his time engaged in complicity with the rest of the Cabinet members.

This concerning the criminal abuse and discrimination of mentally ill and vulnerable adults subjected to alleged rigged Welfare Priority Assessments with its partner in crime the Cornwall Foundation Trust (CFT).

That the only reason we do not know how many hundreds or thousands of mentally ill and vulnerable adults have been abused to date is because of the cost involved in collating the information according to the NHS Trust in reply to a Freedom of Information request.

Councillor McKenna – Portfolio Holder for Adult Care

Councillor Jim Mc Kenna

Responsibilities contained within this portfolio include:

Adult Learning Disabilities
Older People
Adults with Physical Disabilities
Adults and Older People Mental Health
Health and Wellbeing
Safeguarding Adults

I wouldn’t trust you or any other corrupt and complicit Member of the Cabinet as far as I can spit Mr McKenna.



The Dismissal of Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer.


Blog posted 12 January 2017

                     The Dismissal of Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer.

Once Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer of Devon & Cornwall Police is dismissed for corruption, his corrupt Professional Standards Department (PSD) should be closed along with his corrupt Data Protection Unit. Officers who were party to this corruption should also be dismissed.



Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer (right). Presently under investigation in response to a feeble and cynical complaint lodged after my complaint by Lib Dem Politician Adrian Sanders (left).

Police & Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez should be dismissed for engaging in a cover-up and her Chief Executive Andrew White should be dismissed for being party to that cover-up and an earlier cover-up whilst he was CE to former Police & Crime Commissioner Tony Hogg’s willfuly blind administration.


Police & Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez. Presently under investigation for alleged Election Fraud.


Police & Crime Commissioner Chief Executive Andrew White.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) should be independently investigated for it’s role in a cover-up in 2012 and 2015, and for being about as “Independent” from Government as the Prime Minister.


The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) should be independently investigated for closing my complaint against the Devon & Cornwall Police Data Protection Unit before I had received all the information I was entitled to receive under the Act. This after a 6 month wait during which the Force Data Protection Unit broke the Law.

The information I am still being denied is evidence edited from recorded interview by the Police which included incriminating evidence against Cornwall Council and the Cornwall NHS Foundation Trust. In closing the complaint the ICO did not act in my best interest or in the best interest of the public.



More Dirty Little Secrets from Cornwall.


Blog posted 08 January 2017

The following is a previously unpublished email sent to an officer of Devon & Cornwall Police on 02 December 2016, and was copied to more important recipients.


“02 December 2016

Dear PS 5434 Paul Jones

I refer to your email of 26 November 2016.

The problem I have with what T/Inspector Reid has directed you “investigate” is that since Chief Constable Sawyer personally empowered and directed Mr P Chudley of the same corrupt Professional Standards Department (PSD) that engaged in a white wash and a cover-up in 2012, and which involved then Superintendent Jim Colwell of the PSD and resulted in four officers being reprimanded by the IPCC, is as follows :

Mr P Chudley disregarded my formal complaint against Devon & Cornwall Police and instead chose a single paragraph he later found in an email before passing it to a Mrs Angliss of the same corrupt PSD who then passed it to Trainee Inspector Reid who then passed it to you a Sgt who believes there are 32 days in October and who wanted me to confirm the viability of a meeting after the suggested dates.

I would also point out that PS 16259 Innes Dowlen who was the case officer in question and who you have been asked to investigate is, like yourself, also based at St Austell. Perhaps you could let me know if you are both answerable to the same “superior” officer ?

Tomorrow is the 1st anniversary of my false arrest and I take this further opportunity to make the following statement for the Record :

My official complaints against Devon & Cornwall Police and Chief Constable Sawyer lodged in 2016 did not begin at Newquay Police Station as indicated by T/Inspector Reid but earlier that afternoon when I was arrested at my home for the false allegation of “Harassment with Violence” in connection with my unlawful arrest in 2012 and which involved the above mentioned white wash and cover-up by the PSD, and later by the IPCC, and resulted in the IPCC reprimanding four officers but failing to identify any Senior Officers.

You will recall I was denied changing into a clean tee shirt, denied changing my track suit bottoms with a cord for trousers with a zip and was denied a pee before leaving for Newquay Police Station on the opposite coast rather than to St Austell Police station a few minutes up the road.

In the absence of any evidence to substantiate or even discuss “Harassment with Violence” in recorded interview at Newquay Police Station on 03 December 2015 PS Dowlen then introduced false allegations made weeks earlier against me via a PIN by an NHS Trust solicitor who had broken the law and had engaged in a 2 year cover-up to protect criminality by Cornwall Council and the NHS Trust and a fellow NHS Trust employee who was falsely described as a “CPN” by Cornwall Council in order to assist the Council and the Trust criminally rig Cornwall Homechoice Welfare Priority Assessments which abused and cheated hundreds if not thousands of mentally ill and vulnerable applicants out of the priority they should have been awarded, one of whom was my late wife.

A vulnerable woman who suffered over 30 years of mental health disorders and who lived alone at the time and in squalor and was a victim of reduced mental health care and support services by the NHS Trust and which served only to make her more socially isolated and less well monitored.

A vulnerable woman who died months after the alleged rigged Welfare Priority Assessments aged just 54 having been awarded “Low Welfare Priority” despite the Council acknowledging in writing her health was deteriorating at the time and that no “Mental Health Professional” had assessed her despite Council Policy and Procedures.

I later discovered by chance that the arresting and interview officer PS Innes Dowlen knew one of the NHS complainants, the one the Council falsely described as a CPN on the Welfare Priority Assessment Panel, and both PS Dowlen and the complainant had worked together, with others, on the ‘detoxification’ of the Timber Close flats months before my false arrest in 2015.

A toxic community covertly created by Sanctuary Housing and Cornwall Council for the Council’s certain types and involved Homechoice properties being unlawfully ring-fenced and applicants being deceived.

In the absence of a confession from me in recorded interview I was later tricked in the cell by Coodes Solicitors Stephanie Allen, FCILEx, who had been chosen by the Police to “defend” me via the DSCC. This was achieved by delaying the call some 30 minutes until Coodes Solicitors became available in rotation.

I agreed to ‘Harassment’ in the cell in return for a Caution because I had got my version of events on record. Unfortunately, I was later Charged and Bailed to attend a guilty only plea Magistrates Court a week before Christmas.

Over the coming months the Police, the CPS and Coodes Solicitors continued to abuse the Courts system, continued to abuse Legal Aid, continued to abuse my Human Rights and continued to Pervert the Course of Justice and by rendering me defenceless.

The Force Data Protection Office broke the law by withholding information/evidence for some 6 months and has still yet to provide me with the dialogue removed from the recorded interview evidence which included incriminating evidence against Cornwall Council.

In 2016 I was threatened 3 further orchestrated times with Legal Proceedings by the Council, its partner the NHS Trust, and the Council’s corrupt housing partner Sanctuary Housing.

The NHS Trust threatened Civil Legal Proceedings because I continued to engage in Free Speech on social media. Despite me continuing no proceedings followed.

The demands and threat of Legal Proceedings by Sanctuary Housing were unlawful and stopped immediately after I explained to Cornwall Council in writing why it was unlawful.

Although it was my intention to report a case of ‘Harassment’ against Sanctuary Housing to Devon & Cornwall Police with supporting evidence I decided not to bother due to the protectionism shown to the Council’s corrupt housing partner by the Police in 2012.

It was criminality by the Council’s corrupt housing partner Sanctuary Housing which Devon & Cornwall Police covered-up in 2012 when I was falsely arrested and which most likely was also arranged by Cornwall Council.

The accumulating effect of the above resulted in the closure of my 17 year old business and loss of livelihood as a direct result of the personal vindictiveness by the Council’s former Principle Legal Officer in not informing me sooner the threat of Legal Proceedings within 7 days for Council Tax reasons had been suspended before I closed my business and signed on to avoid the Legal Proceedings.

This involved a bogus email the Council claimed it sent me within the 7 days but which I did not receive a copy of until a month later.

I was then diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes 2 and I remain on medication.

I have copied the IPCC and the OPCC, and others into this email, and I do not propose to engage with you further PS 5434 Jones until such time as I have received a reply and an explanation from the IPCC and Police and Crime Commissioner Hernandez as to what the hell they are playing at by obstructing the law and due process.

I have copied all Cornish MPs and Gover Ward Councillors into this email because I believe the above issues will be of grave concern to them and to the people they represent. I refuse to let these issues become a case of historic abuse.

I hope a Parliamentary solution will be forthcoming in reply as clearly Devon & Cornwall Police, Chief Constable Sawyer, the IPCC and the OPCC cannot fairly or impartially deal with my complaints due to the amount of Conflicts of Interest which exists.

Yours sincerely

Geoff McLaughlin

34 Timber Close, St Austell, Cornwall. PL25 5NZ

P.S. For those who do not know a CILEx is a lower form of life to that of a solicitor.



Up-date 08/01/2017. To date not one of the recipients below has written to me in reply.

The Recipients of that email :

Police Sergeant Paul Jones, the IPCC, Police & Crime Commissioner Hernandez, the CPS, Her Majesty Inspectorate of Constabularies, England NHS, Ministry of Justice, Department of Health, Care Quality Commission, Legal Aid Board, Solicitors Regulation Authority, Cilex, PHSO, LGO, ICO, Bodmin Magistrates Court.

Steve Double MP, Scott Mann MP, Sarah Newton MP, Sheryll Murray MP, George Eustice MP, Gover Ward Cllr Sandra Heyward, Cllr Monica Lake, Cllr Tom French, Panorama.

As my “impartial” Parliamentary Elected Representative, Steve Double MP had a duty to respond and to protect his constituent rather than his friends. As for my Gover Ward Representative Cllr Sandra Heyward, her silence is as predictable as every other willfuly blind Cornish Councillor.