Cornwall Council’s Complicit Jim McKenna.


Blog posted 26 January 2017

I find it ironic that Cornwall Council Cabinet member Jim McKenna has been confirmed as the new Chairman at Royal Hospitals NHS Trust.

Moreso considering his responsibilities contained within the portfolio for Adult Care having spent so much of his time engaged in complicity with the rest of the Cabinet members.

This concerning the criminal abuse and discrimination of mentally ill and vulnerable adults subjected to rigged Welfare Priority Assessments with its partner in crime the Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

That the only reason we do not know how many hundreds or thousands of mentally ill and vulnerable adults have been abused to date is because of the cost involved in collating the information according to the NHS Trust in reply to a Freedom of Information request.

Councillor McKenna – Portfolio Holder for Adult Care

Councillor Jim Mc Kenna

Responsibilities contained within this portfolio include:

Adult Learning Disabilities
Older People
Adults with Physical Disabilities
Adults and Older People Mental Health
Health and Wellbeing
Safeguarding Adults

I wouldn’t trust you or any other corrupt and complicit Member of the Cabinet as far as I can spit Mr McKenna.


Update: 2018. My long term mentally ill wife Alison, who was a victim of the rigged Welfare Priority Assessments, was murdered at the Royal Cornwall Hospital some 8 months after being criminally abused, cheated and neglected despite her coming under the care and support umbrella of the Council and Trust.

I continued blogging and commenting on social media following her death and in 2015 I was arrested for the groundless and victimless charge of “Harassment with Violence” which was orchestrated by Cornwall Council and involved Victoria Slavin, a corrupt  senior solicitor with Cornwall Council for the National Health Service and Leigh Walwyn, a support worker who was also employed by the National Health Service, to stop me engaging in free speech.

Following my unlawful arrest and subsequent criminal activity by Devon & Cornwall Police and others the complaint remains on-going due to collusion between the IPCC, since departed, and Devon & Cornwall Police.

I continue blogging on social media every day and perhaps my biggest regret is that in the 6 years I have done this not one Councillor or senior representative of the Council or Trust has ever written to me wanting to know more in the interest of the mentally ill and the vulnerable in Cornwall, and who are therefore little more than complicit self serving parasites.



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