Third World Justice.


Blog posted 10 February 2017.

Imagine you live in a community where those that govern can have you falsely arrested ?

Where they can arrange who will defend you ?

Where you will be tricked into giving a false confession and bailed to attend a guilty only plea Court ?

Where the recorded interview will be edited to exclude incriminating evidence against those who had you arrested ?

Where those defending you will discard most of your evidence and leave you defenceless.

Participants : A corrupt Cornwall Council, NHS Foundation Trust, Devon & Cornwall Police Force and Data Protection Unit, Coodes Solicitors, DSCC and Criminal Prosecution Service (CPS) etc..

Cover-ups by Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer, Police & Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez and former Commissioner Tony Hogg. Cornish MPs and Councillors and a number of government departments.


             Welcome to Cornwall


Bent Coppers.


Blog posted 09 February 2017

The following reference is taken from the “Bent Coppers” chapter of “A proper Cornish Conspiracy”. A work currently in preparation.

“Despite requesting something to eat during my confinement at Newquay Police Station, I finally had something to eat once home some 6 1/2 hours after being falsely arrested.”