Get Your Head Out of the Sand Commissioner Hernandez and Deal with It.



According to Chief Executive Andrew White of the OPCC “The Police and Crime Commissioner has a statutory duty to consider complaints about the conduct of the Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall Police.”


Photo shows OPCC Chief Executive Andrew White who was also CE to Tony Hogg.

If this is true why has Police and Crime Commissioner Hernandez not responded to my formal complaint of 08 August 2016 against Chief Constable Sawyer ?


Photo shows Police and Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez who is still under investigation for Election Fraud.

Commissioner Hernandez is fully aware her predecessor Tony Hogg, and her CE Andrew White, who was also CE to Commissioner Hogg, were both fully aware a Conflict of Interest would exist if I was again arrested by Devon & Cornwall Police.

Despite my written warnings in November 2015 I was again falsely arrested by D&C Police the following month.

Commissioner Hernandez and CE White are also fully aware that Chief Constable Sawyer later empowered a Mr P Chudley of the Professional Standards Department (PSD), who buried my formal written complaint of 2016 and replaced it with a paragraph found in an email of mine. Mr P Chudley then passed the paragraph on to another member of the (PSD) who then passed it on to a Trainee Inspector Reid. T/I Reid then passed it on to a half witted Sergeant based at St Austell Police Station where the arresting/interview Sergeant 16259 Innes Dowlen is based.


Photo shows Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer who is also presently under investigation.

Commissioner Hernandez and CE White are also both fully aware that the reason a Conflict of Interest existed and which served only to Pervert the Course of Justice is because I was falsely arrested in 2012 and processed at St Austell Police Station, and which resulted in 4 officers being later reprimanded by the IPCC and which included a white-wash and a cover-up by the same (PSD) and which was followed by a further white-wash and a cover-up by the IPCC itself.


Commissioner Hernandez and CE White will recall my false arrest for ‘Harassment with Violence’ in 2015 led to my false imprisonment, abuses and breaches of the Human Rights Act at Newquay Police Station. That the Coodes duty solicitor was perversely chosen by the police to “represent me” and I was tricked in the cell into giving a false confession and later bailed to attend a guilty only plea Magistrates Court a week before xmas.


That the recorded interview evidence was tampered with by the Police to remove incriminating evidence about Cornwall Council and the Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and that the D&C Police Data Protection Office broke the law by witholding information/evidence for some 6 months and has still not yet provided me with all the information I am entitled to receive under the Act.

Apart from Coodes Solicitors lying to me and willfuly misleading me Coodes also perverted the Course of Justice by reducing my evidence to 3 pieces only ‘due to limited Court time’ but sent me nearly 80 pieces of evidence from the CPS, most of which was produced at St Austell Police Station, where I was falsely arrested in 2012, and was produced by possibly the same officers who were reprimanded.

That the CPS must have known what D&C Police and Coodes Solicitors were unlawfully up to in order to protect criminality by Cornwall Council and the Trust.





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