Cornwall Corruption and CILEx.


Blog posted 14 April 2017

The following  is an open letter to CILEx as part of my ongoing investigation and expose of Corruption in Cornwall and which involves no less than 3 members of CILEx.                                       


Dear CILEx

You will recall I contacted you recently on Twitter and by email at your request.

Tom Heasman

CILEx Membership Advisor Tom Heasman.

I had a question which needed an answer regarding one of your members. 

I wanted to know if CILEx member Stephanie Allen, below, of Coodes Solicitors, Cornwall, was qualified/accredited to represent me at Newquay Police Station despite me requesting a ‘Duty Solicitor’ ?



Detail, above, from Coodes Solicitors Website, Crime Department.

In reply CILEx provided me with a link to the practitioners directory and although I found an entry for a Mrs S J Allen, below, she had no Employer or Location.


I can also confirm Stephanie Allen no longer appears on Coodes website.


Despite assurances from CILEx it would provide me the information I requested CILEx began dragging it’s feet and then appeared to blame a colleague Louise Tyrrell having “been off work due to a broken arm”.

When challenged over these delays CILEx then advised me the “matter must be taken up with the persons firm as the ‘Duty Solicitor’ status would be something that is approved and supervised by the firm rather than CILEx”, unqoute.

That CILEx therefore has no idea whatsoever if a member of theirs is suitably qualified/Accredited to perform tasks more properly dealt with by a ‘Solicitor’.

Since it was never my intention to lodge a complaint against Stephanie Allen, knowing the futility of doing so, CILEx has suggested the only way it can comment on the conduct of its members is via a formal complaint if I remain unhappy with a response from Coodes.


The problem I have with this is my question was not about the conduct of Stephanie Allen but if she was qualified/Accredited to represent me.

That CILEx could simply have contacted Coodes or its member and asked them rather than present me with an obstacle course involving the very people responsible for sending their work colleague to the Police Station.

People like Coodes Solicitors Mike Gregson and Lucy Bryant, also of the Crime Department, who have both knowingly obstructed and perverted the course of justice and have been reported to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

My question to CILEx therefore remains unhelpfully unanswered.

To be perfectly honest, even if CILEx member Stephanie Allen was qualified and Accredited to represent me instead of a ‘Duty Solicitor’, her disappearance and Coodes conduct throughout did obstruct and pervert the course of justice.

So what is it I allege CILEx member Stephanie Allen and Coodes did wrong ?

I was falsely arrested for ‘Harassment with Violence’ in 2015. The allegations appeared to be from 2 individuals but was actually by the Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and Cornwall Council.

I was taken to Newquay Police Station on the opposite coast and Officers with Devon & Cornwall Police delayed contacting the Defence Solicitors Call Centre (DSCC) in order to get Coodes when next in rotation.

I eventually met Stephanie Allen, Steph to the Police, and we spoke together before attending recorded interview. I did not admit to ‘Harassment’ and the term ‘Violence’ was never mentioned and was dropped.

Towards the end of the interview the arresting and interview Sergeant asked to speak with Ms Allen on her own. I was later visited in Cell 9 by Ms Allen, below, with an Officer and was offered a Caution in return for admitting ‘Harassment’.


Having got my version of events on record I agreed to the offer but I was later charged and bailed to attend a guilty only plea Bodmin Magistrates Court a week before Christmas.

No objections were raised by Coodes as to their client being set up or the fact the arresting, interview and charging Sergeant Innes Dowlen had requested his name be added to the bail conditions despite Ms Allen stating”it is not legal”.


No objections were raised by Coodes about the intimidating and groundless charge of ‘Harassment with Violence’ or that their client, having been tricked, was charged and bailed to attend a guilty only plea Court.

No objections were raised by Coodes that I was denied changing my tee shirt and trousers and was denied a pee before being taken to the opposite coast. 

No objections were raised by Coodes that whilst detained their client was denied food despite requesting it and could not eat until he got home some 6 1/2 hours after being arrested. This also despite an entry in the detention log that their client may have type 2 diabetes, which has since been confirmed along with high blood pressure.

Over the coming months Coodes obstructed and perverted the course of justice by removing most of the incriminating evidence I had in my defence against Cornwall Council and the Trust, and the Police edited the recorded interview evidence to also exclude incriminating evidence against Cornwall Council and the Trust.

The Police Data Protection Unit also broke the law by withholding information I was entitled to receive under the Act for some 6 months and which remains ongoing.

Coodes Trial Solicitor Lucy Bryant engaged in countless lies and a back dated letter and even tried to defraud me out of between £300 to £400 on the day of the trial. One letter from Coodes even contained an sae with a postcode that did not exist.

Coodes also did not stop one of the complainants, a fellow Solicitor, sending me monthly letters threatening me despite me being unable to respond or defend myself due to the conditions of Bail.

By the time of the Trial in 2016 I was left virtually defenceless by my Coodes Defence team and my hands were tied. 

I mentioned earlier that 2 other CILEx members were involved in the above.

Over the 2015 Christmas period I had much to do in reply to a volume of paperwork/witness statements provided to me by Coodes and before Court in early January 2016. My replies and evidence was sent to Coodes via email late 2015.

Remembering Coodes also employed CILEx member Jackie Mansell I then sought assurances from Coodes that Jackie Mansell did not read these confidential emails/evidence and pass it on to her former employer Cornwall Council via her husband. In reply Coodes could offer me no such assurances its employee had not read the material or passed it on.


CILEx member and Coodes Legal Executive Jackie Mansell. One of a number of similar pictures taken from her FaceBook site which, like Stephanie Allen, has since vanished.

In reply I suggested I would contact the Legal Aid Board and dismiss Coodes as my defence. This then led to all sorts of pro-active suggestions by Coodes in a back dated letter as to what Coodes intended to do for its client. That the complainants would be made to take the stand and some of the recorded interview evidence would be played in Court. Unfortunately, I fell for it.

So just who is CILEx member and Coodes employee Jackie Mansell ?

CILEx member Jackie Mansell is married to CILEx member Simon JR Mansell MBE, both indicated below. He was the Principal Legal Officer with Cornwall Council before being demoted in the run up to me falsely being accused of a crime and being unlawfully arrested in 2015. It remains a mystery how a CILEx ran the Council’s Legal Department and was in charge of dozens of more qualified Solicitors. I have long assumed it was because CILEx member Simon JR Mansell was the more corrupt and ruthless and had an MBE to protect him.

The Mansells


Coodes Jackie Mansell CILEx and Cornwall Council’s Simon JR Mansell CILEx.



One of a number of alter ego images taken from CILEx member and Cornwall Council Officer Simon JR Mansell’s FaceBook site which, like Jackie Mansell’s FB site, has also since vanished. Not forgetting CILEx member Stephanie Allen who has also vanished.

The incriminating evidence against Cornwall Council and the Trust edited from recorded interview evidence by the Police concerned an unsigned and intimidating ‘Letter of Defamation’ sent to me by the Council’s Legal Department when Simon JR Mansell was still its Principal Legal Officer.

Also edited from recorded interview evidence was an explanation by the arresting and interview Sergeant Innes Dowlen as to why the Council could not take me to Court for Defamation. The real reason behind my unlawful arrest in 2015 and orchestrated by Cornwall Council, the NHS Trust, Devon & Cornwall Police, and Coodes Solicitors.

The last time I had dealings with CILEx member and Council henchman Simon JR Mansell resulted in the closure of my 17 year old camera business and me signing on for JSA. This involved an email scam by the Council. An email I did not see a copy of until a month after the Council claimed it was sent. Had I received it when it was sent I would probably still have a business.

(Since this blog was posted I have learned the Cabinet Office is presently considering removing Simon JR Mansell’s MBE award. Long overdue if true. A man who lies, cheats, bullies and intimidates to protect a Council which is also corrupt and engages in criminality.)

So why on earth would Cornwall Council want to see my business closed ?

An immediate reason was because it knew I was going to withold the proportion of Council Tax which pays for its corrupt Devon & Cornwall Police Force. Being kept by the Cornish Tax payer by way of benefits would eliminate that threat.

The more sinister reason is because the Council and its partners have been trying to close down my business website since 2011 when I first began using it to expose corruption and criminality by the Council and its partners.

In 2012 I was (again) falsely accused of ‘Harassment’ and arrested by the same Devon & Cornwall Police Force that arrested me in 2015, also orchestrated by Cornwall Council, to stop me engaging in free speech on social media and websites and have blogs I had posted removed.

Four Police Officers were later reprimanded by the IPCC following a white-wash and a cover-up by the Force Professional Standards Department (PSD). To limit the damage the IPCC also engaged in its own cover-up by not investigating more serious allegations and evidence.    

Although there are live formal complaints currently running against Devon & Cornwall Police (again) for 2015, and against Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer, they remain in limbo because neither the same Force (PSD) or the IPCC (again), or the OPCC, can have anything to do with the complaints due to a number of conflicts of interest and because all have willfuly obstructed and perverted the course of justice in some way. 

Perhaps the most important question for me is did the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) know what was going on also conspire to pervert the course of justice ? I would like to think not but that would require a ton of ‘stupid’ as Judge Rinder might say.


Most would probably wonder if the magistrates at Bodmin knew what was going on in their Court rooms ?               

I will add or amend this blog as and when.








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