Open Letter To Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer. Part 2.


Blog posted 07 May 2017 (revised)

Open Letter To Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer. Part 2. 

When I received PS 5434 Jones somewhat amateurish letter on 27 April 2017, a copy of which is enclosed, advising me his investigation into “your complaint” was complete, he advised me “The report containing my findings will now be submitted to a senior officer for consideration”, and he also advised me I should receive a determination from a senior officer within 28 days.

In reply to his letter I then wrote the blog “Open Letter To Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer. And Don’t Slam the Door On Your Way Out”, which was posted on social media on 02 May 2017, accusing a number of named Police Officers of conspiring to pervert the course of justice to cover up an even greater conspiracy.

The blog was also sent via email on 03 May to nearly 30 email addresses.

On 05 May I received the hurried determination of PS Jones findings and report and which was accompanied by a cover letter from senior officer T/Chief Inspector Rachael Bentley who I have since accused of also being party to the conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

In view of the anticipated time frame of 28 days stated by PS Jones in his letter of 23 April, I remain both amazed and disturbed that the date on T/Chief Inspector Rachael Bentley’s hurried cover letter etc., a copy of which is enclosed, was “27th April 2017”.

I therefore have no qualms whatsoever in accusing T/Chief Inspector Rachael Bentley of making a false representation in dishonestly back dating her letter to “27th April 2017” for the purposes of conspiring with others to pervert the course of justice to cover up an even greater conspiracy. That the letter was back dated in response to my blog of 02 May 2017 and which explains why her cover letter etc. was not sent out until 03 May and received by me on 05 May, over a week later.

The findings of the 4 page report was “No Case To Answer” based on “there is not enough evidence to take further action in this case”.

No s**t Sherlock, do you not think this charade had anything to do with the fact the investigation was into a single paragraph perversely taken from an email by the (PSD) rather than an investigation into the official complaint lodged with the IPCC and Devon & Cornwall Police over a year ago ?

An official complaint neither Devon & Cornwall Police, an outside Police Force, or the IPCC or OPCC can investigate due to the number of conflicts of interest that exists and because Devon & Cornwall Police, the IPCC, the OPCC and others have all perverted the course of justice in some way.

I can already hear the cries from expendables sobbing ‘they made me do it’.

Having corresponded with the somewhat inexperienced and incompetent PS Paul Jones and read “his” 4 page report I doubt very much he was the author of the report and that those in the corrupt Professional Standards Department (PSD) were.

The least I expect is that Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer, Mr P. Chudley, Assessment Officer with the (PSD), Mrs Angliss of the (PSD), Trainee Inspector Reid at Bodmin Police Station, PS 5434 Paul Jones at St Austell Police Station, and Temporary Chief Inspector Rachael Bentley from Liskeard Police Station are all suspended from duty and independently investigated or dismissed.

This does not include an estimated 20 other police officers and personnel with Devon & Cornwall Police who are involved in the greater conspiracy to pervert the course of justice to cover up and protect crimes by Cornwall Council and its partners.

Footnote : The above conspiracies to pervert the course of justice happened in 2015/16. The original conspiracy to pervert the course of justice of 2012/13 was linked to 2015/16 by Devon & Cornwall Police itself on 03 December 2015.

In 2012/13 PC 5851 Mark Pomery, PC 1685 Jo Wyatt, PS 5016 Shane Carhart and PS 3097 Dave Cartwright (I/O) for the (PSD) were all reprimanded only by the IPCC in response to and following a whitewash and cover up by both Devon & Cornwall Police and the IPCC. Fellow conspirators Detective Inspector Claire Stalley and then Superintendent Jim ‘Hot Fuzz’ Colwell on behalf of the (PSD) were excluded from any investigations.

Yours sincerely


Geoff McLaughlin

34 Timber Close, St Austell, Cornwall. PL25 5NZ.

PS Jones, amateurish

Rachael Bentley F

Rachael Bentley B


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