Email SCAM Involving Devon & Cornwall Police (PSD) and the IPCC.


Blog posted 29 August 2017

The following is a letter of reply to the IPCC this morning. It was not my intention to post it on the website but I received no confirmation from the IPCC or most of the recipients of the email. So much for transparency.


29 August 2017

Dear Ms Sophie Lawrence, IPCC Casework Manager,

Thank you for your letter dated 23 August 2017.

In reply I should first state, For the Record, that I lodged NO appeal against complaint Ref: PSD/CO/679/16, the determination of which was sent to me by letter dated 27 April 2017 from Trainee Chief Inspector Rachael Bentley of Devon & Cornwall Police.

Ms Bentley explained my right to appeal her determination and I declined for reasons outlined in numerous emails to the IPCC and which the IPCC confirmed receiving by email dated 09 May 2017.

The IPCC has also been made fully aware why neither Devon & Cornwall Police or the IPCC can investigate the original complaint Case Reference Number 2016/065047.

When the IPCC colluded with Devon & Cornwall Police to replace complaint: 2016/065047 with complaint: PSD/CO/679/16, a single paragraph taken from an email, both the IPCC and Devon & Cornwall Police perverted the course of justice and broke the law.

As the author and owner of that email with copyright and intellectual property rights, I did not consent to that email being used in a criminal act or out of context to suppress, censor or to replace complaint: 2016/065047.

Complaint Ref: PSD/CO/679/16, “COMPLAINT AGAINST THE POLICE”, which you advise me you have investigated as “your appeal” is as perverse, worthless and unlawful as its creation by the PSD.

If the IPCC has some evidence I formally agreed to assist or comply with the investigation of complaint Ref: PSD/CO/679/16, or requested an appeal following its determination, please provide me with that proof within the next 10 working days.

Once I have received a response I will then decide whether or not to escalate matters with the Minister at the Home Office because clearly the IPCC, OPCC and Devon & Cornwall Police cannot be trusted further to resolve the complaints impartially due to numerous conflicts of interest and a willingness to conspire.

It was never my intention to be party to a criminal act or to legitimize that conspiracy to pervert the course of justice involving the IPCC, OPCC, Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer, Devon & Cornwall Police, Mr P. Chudley (PSD), Mrs Angliss (PSD), Trainee Inspector Reid, PS 5434 Paul Jones, Trainee Chief Inspector Rachael Bentley and now yourself Ms Lawrence (IPCC).

A conspiracy to cover-up an even greater conspiracy involving crimes by Cornwall Council and its partners and others, and involving my unlawful arrests by Devon & Cornwall Police in 2012 and 2015 with every perverse assistance from the IPCC. The unlawful arrest in 2015 being in connection with the unlawful arrest in 2012. The latter which saw 4 police officers reprimanded, a white-wash by the PSD and a cover-up by the IPCC. What I was subjected to in 2012 was nothing compared to what I was subjected to in 2015 and to date.

Yours sincerely


Geoff McLaughlin

34 Timber Close, St Austell, Cornwall. PL25 5NZ

Up-date: 01/09/2017, the IPCC today confirmed its “appeal” of the decision by Devon & Cornwall Police did not go through proper channels of procedure and is therefore null and void in the eyes of the law.