More Devon & Cornwall Police Dirty Little Secrets.

Allen Card F

Blog posted 19 October 2017.

The following scanned detail is taken from a professionally made transcript of a recorded interview at Newquay Police Station on 03 December 2015 by Devon and Cornwall Police.

(V1) is myself

Dark italic text is the arresting and interview Sergeant 16259 Innes Dowlen

(V3) is Coodes Solicitors Stephanie Allen CILEx, my “so called” Duty Solicitor.

transcript end

At the end of the interview PS Dowlen asked Steph, as she is known to them, if he can just speak to her and she remarked “when it stops?, meaning the recording, and I was returned to cell 9.

At 18:48:45 Ms Allen and an officer visited me in the cell and she offered me a caution only in exchange for agreeing to ‘Harassment’. Having got my version of events on record, my objective, I agreed.



I was finally let out of the cell a little before 21:00 hours and charged with ‘Harassment’ and bailed to attend a guilty only plea Bodmin Magistrates Court on 17/12/2015 at 9:30am.

The recorded interview evidence was later edited by Devon and Cornwall Police to remove incriminating evidence against Cornwall Council, the Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and Devon and Cornwall Police itself.

Unfortunately, the interview was digitally recorded on disc rather than on audio tape, the latter being a lot more difficult to tamper with without detection. 

CILEx has since refused to confirm if Stephanie Allen was accredited to represent me as a “Duty Solicitor” and Coodes Solicitors has since removed every trace of her on their website.


I continue to claim that the only reason Devon and Cornwall Police delayed getting me a ‘Duty Solicitor’ from the Defence Solicitors Call Centre (DSCC) was because they were waiting for Coodes and Steph Allen to become available in rotation.

According to the Detention Log “The detained person requested Duty Solicitor be contacted at 16:17 03/12/2015 Ref: 151215946a” This was recorded by Civilian Detention Officer (CDO) 56630 Griffin and the entry is a complete fraud.

According to the ‘Record of Rights’ by Custody Sgt 15428 Chris Wray I stated “I do want to speak to a solicitor at this time”. The time was 15:53 on 03/12/2015 and was signed by me. I should have spoken with the solicitor within 45 minutes and Coodes was less than 1/2 mile away. Did not meet Steph Allen until 17:02, over 2 hours after being arrested despite Devon & Cornwall Police knowing I would want a Duty Solicitor weeks before I was arrested.