An Insult To Injury.


Blog posted 23 December 2017

                                                AN INSULT TO INJURY

When a so called “Independent Public Advocate” uses absolute discretion NOT to investigate complaints involving central and local Government bodies, the so called “Independent Public Advocate” knows central Government will protect it because most complaints are directly and indirectly the result of bad central Government Policies, Austerity and Corruption.

If you now apply that logic to the LGO, HO, PHSO, CQC, IPCC, ICO, SRA and many others, you will begin to understand that we, the public, are not actually being protected at all.


Cornwall Council’s 6 Untrustworthy Housing and Health Professionals.


Ali laughing

Pictured is Alison Linda McLaughlin who lived with over 30 years of mental health disorders as defined by the Mental Health Act. Most of this time was spent under the so called “Care” umbrella of Cornwall NHS Foundation Trust.

There were 6 Council members on the Welfare Panels and 1 representing the CFT.

Although the CFT Panel member was officially described as a Community Psychiatric Nurse (CPN) by Cornwall Council, and which senior members of the NHS Trust upheld, including the CEO, the Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO) later confirmed the CFT employee was only a support worker after a 2 year cover-up.

Despite Cornwall Council acknowledging Alison’s health was “deteriorating” at the time of the Assessments the Panel members still only awarded her low welfare priority without any input from a Mental Health Professional and contrary to Council Policy and it’s Duty of Care.

Alison continued to deteriorate and was poisoned at the Royal Cornwall Hospital some 8 months later aged just 54.


Latest ‘WhatDoTheyKnow’ reply to Devon & Cornwall Police. In The Public Interest.


Blog posted 12 December 2017


Dear PATTINSON Lynn 56398,

Very disappointed Devon and Cornwall Police invited me to write or contact them again should I “have any further inquiries concerning this matter” but has now decided to withhold information instead which would have clarified its response of 29 November 2017.

I refer to their comment “Interviews are stored on a server located within the Devon and Cornwall Police estate”, and my further inquiry “Would you please advise me if the estate in question is Middlemoor ? and advise me if CCTV is also stored at the same estate.”

Devon and Cornwall Police will recall I should have received CCTV footage of the Recorded Interview and my unlawful detention in Cell 9 within 40 days of my Subject Access Request (SAR) on 09 December 2015, but Devon and Cornwall Police instead broke the Law and withheld the CCTV footage for some 6 months.

Devon and Cornwall Police will also recall a criminal Trial took place during that 6 month period and the absence of the CCTV evidence did pervert the course of justice and did deny me my Human Right to a fair Trial.

I believe I am justified in saying the Devon and Cornwall Police Data Protection Office/Freedom of Information Office is little more than a protection racket to cover-up corrupt procedures and protect corrupt officers, and is not unlike the equally corrupt Devon and Cornwall Police Professional Standards Department (PSD) which replaced my official complaint against it with a single email paragraph and colluded with the IPCC to legitimize the criminal act. Fortunately, they both failed to get away with it.

Please feel free to take me to Court if you disagree.

Yours sincerely,

Geoff McLaughlin