Cornwall Council’s 6 Depraved and Callous Housing and Health Professionals.


Ali laughing

Pictured is Alison Linda McLaughlin who lived with over 30 years of mental health disorders as defined by the Mental Health Act. Most of this time was spent under the so called “Care” umbrella of Cornwall Council and the Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

Blog posted 15 December 2017

Named below are the 6 depraved and callous Housing and Health Professionals  employed by Cornwall Council who unlawfully condemned Alison to an early death following rigged Cornwall Homechoice Welfare Priority Assessments.

An employee of the Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was also party to the above crimes and later assisted the NHS Trust, Cornwall Council and Devon & Cornwall Police to punish and censor the widower by having him unlawfully arrested for the victimless crime of “Harassment with Violence”. The widower was then set-up for a false confession and a guilty only plea court. The recorded interview evidence was edited and Devon & Cornwall police witheld evidence until after the Trial to deny the widower justice.

Although the employee was officially described as a Community Psychiatric Nurse (CPN) by Cornwall Council, and which senior members of the NHS Trust upheld, including CEO Phillip Confue, the Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO) later confirmed the employee was only a support worker after a 2 year cover-up.

               The Depraved and the Callous.

Mr Jon Warner – Housing Needs Manager, Cornwall Housing.

Rachel Lytham – Housing Needs Officer, Cornwall Housing.

Angela White – Housing Team Lead Occupational Therapist, Adult Care and Support, Cornwall Council.

Tony Grainger – Social Worker, Cornwall Council.

Clemence Lincoln-Williams – Occupational Therapist, Cornwall Council.

Sarah Hill – Occupational Therapist, Cornwall Council.

Despite Cornwall Council acknowledging Alison’s health was “deteriorating” at the time of the Assessments the Panel members still only awarded her low welfare priority without any input from a Mental Health Professional and contrary to Council Policy and Duty of Care.

Alison continued to deteriorate and was murdered at the Royal Cornwall Hospital some 8 months later aged just 54.



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