West Country Corruption. TPAS, Devon & Cornwall Police, Sanctuary Housing.


Picture shows Oonah Lacey who was sacked by TPAS for alleged fraud.

Blog posted 24 January 2018

The following is a summary from a much larger and more detailed work in progress involving corruption in the West Country.

“According to the I/Os official Investigation Report on behalf of the Devon & Cornwall Police (PSD) the written complaint of Harassment from Oonah Lacey was dated 05/04/2012, but which was contradicted by a ‘Crime Information System’ document provided to me by the Devon and Cornwall Police Data Protection Unit which proved I was under investigation weeks before when Devon and Cornwall Police contacted my landlord Sanctuary Housing, a housing partner of Cornwall Council.


The only thing the phone call produced was that Sanctuary Housing’s Richard Keeley’s job description of “Regional Director” was changed to “Head of Operations – South West” weeks before I was arrested. A change which must have been approved by Head Office to protect Keeley’s identity. The call produced no written evidence for the police officers to use in interview when I was falsely arrested weeks later.

Keeley 3

Pictured is Richard Keeley.

My internet comments and blogs about Oonah Lacey and others were in retaliation for an external Mediation Scam Oonah Lacey conducted to assist Sanctuary Housing and Regional Director Richard Keeley cover-up Service Charge fraud and which involved a willfuly blind Cornwall Council. Months after the Mediation Scam Oonah Lacey was sacked by TPAS for alleged fraud.

The Mediation Scam was covertly conducted in a cafe in Cornwall called ‘Tengo’ and involved Oonah Lacey for TPAS, the Tenant Participation Advisory Service which advises government, and Diane Parsons a senior manager for Sanctuary Housing, arguably the largest social housing landlord in the country.


Pictured is the Tengo cafe in St Austell, Cornwall.


Pictured is Diane Parsons.

What should have been an informal one to one chat turned into a Mediation Scam I had not consented to or the proprietor of the cafe had permitted to take place on the premises, and which produced a Report of Mediation weeks later.

Following the Mediation Scam I was offered a little over £200 which I declined because it felt like a bribe to legitimize the Scam. Richard Keeley then invoked 2 vexatious policies one after the other lasting a year to avoid investigating the Mediation Scam and answer questions about it.

Simon Clark, a Sanctuary  Director, later confessed in writing I had not consented to external Mediation and later increased the amount to £300 which I again declined.

Because I saw no point in returning to Sanctuary’s internal complaints procedure Simon Clark then closed my 800+ day old official complaint unresolved.

image (2)

Pictured is Simon Clark.

Even Sanctuary Group Board Member Judge Rosemary Crawley wanted to contact me but was advised by Heidi Hodgkin, Executive Assistant to CEO David Bennett CBE, that Boardroom Protocol would not allow it. I assumed that having to decide whether the Law should take precedence over Boardroom Protocol and potential corruption by the Board is why Judge Rosemary Crawley eventually left.”

Perhaps the most memorable thing to come out of the recorded interview by Devon and Cornwall Police, apart from it being “oppressive”, is when PC 1685 Jo Wyatt announced “I’m not here to discuss the law or mediation”. Fortunately for Devon and Cornwall Police only 4 officers were reprimanded by the IPCC thanks largely to a white-wash by the (PSD) and a cover-up by the IPCC.

Update : I have since been asked if TPAS knew it’s mediation process was a Scam.

It most certainly it did. Apart from the fact TPAS was paid by Sanctuary Housing to do it it also had a vested interest in protecting Sanctuary Housing because it was “THE” TPAS flagship “Accredited” Landlord. Then TPAS CEO Michelle Reid lied and threatened me with Legal Action eventhough her supposed investigation would not have stood up to scrutiny in a court of law, presumably why she backed down. Reid’s colleague Jenny Topham, who became the CEO when Reid headed for Wales, also knew all about the Scam.


Pictured: Then TPAS CEO Michelle Reid


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