Chief Constable Sawyer, Alison Hernandez and Steve Double MP are accountable and should respond.




Geoff McLaughlin <> Fri, Apr 27, 2018 at 12:09 PM


Dear Chief Constable Sawyer

I received a brief phone call on the morning of Sunday 22 April 2018 from a gentleman claiming to be a PC Abbott from Devon and Cornwall Police.

PC Abbott advised me an allegation of harassment had been made against me but refused to say by whom.

He requested I attend St Austell Police Station on either the 2nd or 3rd May 2018 for interview at a time of my choosing.

Feeling the call was a hoax or something more sinister I played along with him and elected 2nd May at 10am.

One reason why I felt it was a hoax or even malicious is because the call was made on a Sunday morning and the day before my 66th birthday. The last time I was asked to attend St Austell Police Station was the day after my 60th birthday when I was unlawfully arrested, intimidated and unfairly processed.

The outcome of that arrest, involving Cornwall Council’s housing partner Sanctuary Housing, resulted in 4 Devon and Cornwall Police Officers being reprimanded despite a whitewash by the PSD and a cover-up by the IPCC. The last 2 officers to be reprimanded were the Custody Sergeant and the I/O of the complaint who represented the PSD. Both were reprimanded in 2014, and 3 of the 4 officers were based at St Austell Police Station.

In 2015 I was unlawfully arrested again, the Revenge Arrest, which was instigated by Cornwall Council and relished by Devon and Cornwall Police, despite it having a conflict of interest and having obstructed the course of justice previously.

The Revenge Arrest involved a number of officers from St Austell Police Station including arresting Sergeant 16259 Innes Dowlen. Most of the “evidence” against me was produced at St Austell Police Station possibly by officers who were or knew those who had been reprimanded previously.

The arrest was to stop me continuing to expose on social media the criminal abuse and discrimination to the mentally ill and vulnerable by Cornwall Council and the NHS Trust and which affected hundreds if not thousands of victims. One being my long term mentally ill wife who was abused, discriminated against, neglected and murdered some 8 months later despite her coming under the care and support umbrella of the Council and the Trust.

The complainants who were only named on the PIN represented Cornwall Council for the NHS. The first being Senior Solicitor Victoria Slavin, who had engaged in a cover-up which was un-covered by the PHSO in late 2014, and which only came to light when the Trust explained to the PHSO that Leigh Walwyn, the other complainant, was only a support worker. Cornwall Council has never claimed anything other than Leigh Walwyn is a CPN and which the Trust did not contradict until late 2014 when it finally admitted to the PHSO that Leigh Walwyn was only a support worker, not realizing the PHSO would then inform me.

Even as late as 2015, Leigh Walwyn confirmed in his witness statements that he was never a CPN and could not understand why the Council and the Trust had still not corrected this.

The cover-up by complainant Victoria Slavin was to protect senior Council and Trust management and which included not telling her fellow complainant Leigh Walwyn.

The truth of the matter is both the Council and the Trust colluded in rigged Welfare Priority Assessments which unfairly abused and discriminated against the mentally ill and the vulnerable in order to prioritize the Councils “certain types”.

Although Leigh Walwyn was not suitably qualified to be a member on a Welfare Priority Assessment Panel he was one of the panel members that assessed my late wife, and others, and awarded her low welfare priority despite the Council acknowledging her health was deteriorating at the time. Leigh Walwyn was described as the “Mental Health Team Representative” and “Community Psychiatric Nurse” by the Council and I believe the Council’s panel members were complicit in this.

Following the Revenge Arrest for the victimless crime of ‘Harassment with Violence’ I was taken to Newquay Police Station on the opposite coast where Devon and Cornwall Police corrupted the DSCC, provided by the Legal Aid Agency, in order to choose Coodes Solicitors to protect the Council and not defend their client. I was tricked into a false confession involving the Coodes CILEx who later disappeared from Coodes website and does not appear to be a member of CILEx. The term “Violence” was not mentioned in recorded interview.

The result of the false confession saw me bailed to attend a guilty only plea court which had to be adjourned because I refused to plead guilty. I still do not believe the CPS acted in my best interest or in the interest of justice or fairness.

The recorded interview evidence was edited and the Devon and Cornwall Police Data Protection Unit knowingly withheld CCTV evidence that I should have received before Trial but which I did not receive until months after Trial thereby obstructing the course of justice and denying me my right to a fair Trial.

One interesting fact about arresting and interview officer Sergent Dowlen is that he knew Leigh Walwyn and therefore had a conflict of interest. Despite sending photos to Coodes in late December 2015 as supporting evidence in my defence showing Leigh Walwyn and Sergeant Dowlen working together, Coodes disregarded the evidence.

Although the Bail conditions requested me not to contact either of the complainants, or Sergeant Dowlen who had had his name included despite Coodes requesting “it is not legal”, it did not stop complainant Victoria Slavin twice writing to me on behalf of the Council and Trust and after the PIN was served to harass and threaten me into removing evidence from my website. In her last letter in 2016, I was threatened with Civil Legal Proceedings regardless of the outcome of the criminal proceedings.

The official complaint against Devon and Cornwall Police in 2016 remains un investigated due to evidence of collusion in 2017 between Devon and Cornwall Police and the now cremated IPCC, and involved them in an email scam. Perhaps Amber Rudd MP of the Home Office did take notice.

A well researched and detailed report of the above is currently with Liberty.

When PC Abbott phoned me at 09:47 his number was 01726 223700. One other reason why I found his phone call to be offensive and distressing is because he enquired if I would be using Coodes again, which I felt was extremely vindictive.

If the phone call was legitimate then it would of course be extremely negligent of me to volunteer myself into the hands of Devon and Cornwall Police knowing what it has unlawfully engaged in previously. Even using a solicitor chosen and paid for by me, as would have to be the case with it being voluntary, Devon and Cornwall Police has already demonstrated it will edit an interview if necessary.

If Devon and Cornwall Police is foolhardy enough to arrest me again, despite conflicts of interest and obstructing the course of justice previously, my only reasonable option in interview would be to reply “No Comment” to every question.

Not because I am guilty of any crime but to protect myself against the unlawful practices of Devon and Cornwall Police.

The only thing I would ask of Devon and Cornwall Police if it again decides to arrest me regardless is for advanced warning of an arrest in order for me to decide when best to take prescribed medication. If I take them at the wrong time the side effects may cause some disruption.

I request Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer provide me with a written explanation to the above and provide me with written confirmation if PC Abbott is an officer with Devon and Cornwall Police, and that if he is I request the name of the more senior officer who would have ordered/advised PC Abbott to contact me.

I also still await confirmation if Sgt Marc Griffin, who is linked to Newquay Police Station, and was awarded a Superintendent’s Certificate not so long ago, is the same CDO 56630 Griffin who’s one and only entry in the Newquay Detention Log on the day of the Revenge Arrest, is one big fat lie.

I also still await a reply from the Chief Constable as to why Devon and Cornwall Police is still denying me a copy of the written complaint against me in 2012. A complaint which named me, made false allegations about me and was riddled with un investigated lies and written by an alleged fraudster. Was it really about the statute of limitations?

It saddens me that throughout the last 6 years my innocence has never been investigated because that would have defeated the object of arresting me.

Devon and Cornwall Police has always felt it more important to cover-up crimes by Cornwall Council, employees and Partners even at the cost of the mentally ill and vulnerable continuing to be abused and discriminated against. In this respect it comes as no surprise to me that Devon and Cornwall Police officers have nothing but contempt for those with mental illness and that includes my late wife.

Your position remains untenable Chief Constable Sawyer.

I request Police and Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez stop being wilfully blind and stop covering-up corruption by the Chief Constable and officers under his command. This began with the previous Commissioner Tony Hogg and has continued because Ms Hernandez inherited Hogg’s corrupt administration.

Your position remains untenable Police and Crime Commissioner Hernandez.

I request my Parliamentary Representative Steve Double MP, who has been kept copied into the above since he became my MP, and also Service Charge fraud by the Council’s housing partner Sanctuary Housing,  should be more pro-active in stopping the above injustices continuing and assist me find a Parliamentary solution to investigate the whole sordid affair once and for all. You will recall Mr Double that I have asked before.

Yours sincerely


Geoff McLaughlin

34,Timber Close, St Austell, Cornwall. PL25 5NZ